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jj - November 26

Recently when i have been having s_x with my husband it has been soooo painfull. it hurts the whole time we do it expecially missionary position, and after we are done i get this horrible burning feeling for like 5 min afterward. ive checked with docters and they all say the same thing not enough lubrication but even with ky it still is painful. does anyone have a similar problem? if so how did u go about curing it. P.S- no its not an std or uti. that was my first thoughts but all tests came out negative. the docters did say i have a


jj - November 26

sorry forgot to add the doctor said i have a tilted uterus.


jj - November 26

can any1 help me?


L - November 26

If you go to the general pregnancy forum there's a forum called "just ask me." This woman, Starr seems to know a lot about pregnancy & s_x issues, etc. She seems to give good advice. Good luck!!


bump - November 27



Lisa - November 27

I find s_x very painful right now;;;the only cure I have found is not to have it right now! It sucks, but it's too painful right now for me.


Natalie - November 28

i had that same problem. it was because i had a tilted uterus. but dont worry, it should correct itself after your baby is born and you shouldnt have a problem. im guessing this is your first. tilted uterus's usually correct after the first full term pregnancy. if not, you may need it st_tched in order to prevent the problem reoccuring. for now, try letting him enter you from behind, you dont get such a deep level of penetration and pressure on your stomach. it should help things ease up. and remember, foreplay is thebest form of lubrication going ;)


r - November 28

it could be that your not relaxing enough...try another position or oral s_x is great to get things going that always works for us hee hee....


jj - November 28

thank you so much its good to her other people go the same problem. it doesn't just hurt during deep penetration its the whole thing. even when he first enters. but yeah i think imma lay off it for a while. yeah this is my first pregnancy im 16 weeks today


maya - November 28

hello Ladies.. I'm 16 weeks as well. and also experiencing pain during s_x.. couldnt figure out what was happening.. last night I even burst out laughing.. it was just so weird that it was hurting.. Now I know it isnt just me.. and that in some ways it is normal during preganancy. poor hubby.


jj - November 28

i know i feel bad for my husband to but it hurts so bad its unbearable. im very thankful because he is very understanding if he wasnt i wouldnt know what to do!



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