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boxhousev - July 15

I am 23 weeks pregnant. Recently I have had this medium pain around my lower stomach right above my pelvis. Sometimes it can be really painful when i stand up from sitting for an extended period of time. I have also had some sensitivity above my belly button, if i rug up against my kitchen counter it can be intensly painful. I called my doctor after hours one night he seemed to think i should be seen. I call my doctors office the next morning and they fit me in. i wait there for an hour and half and this other women doctor says "oh thats normal, your just going to have to deal with it", i breifly mention "well the doctor last night said he thought i should be seen, if its normal why did he say that", her response was " i don't know why he said that". I am like why did i come down here and waste my time if you were gonna look at me like i am crazy. Anyway this is my first pregnancy and i don't feel its a threat to the baby but it is uncomfortable for me. I was wondering if anyone else has had this and if so what can i do to attempt to releive my pain? thanks. :)


BriannasMummy - July 16

One of my best friends had something like this. At first when she would rub up against something it gave her some pretty c___ppy pain.. and then as time went on.. and the baby got bigger a bump on her stomach appeared. She went to the doctor to find out that she had a pregnancy induced hernia. After her baby she had an operation to get it fixed.. it worked well UNTIL SHE GOT PREGNANT AGAIN. She now has another notch.. shell need another surgery to fix her up again. This one doesnt have as much pain that comes with it. If i were you, I would wait to see your own doctor. What happened to my friend doesnt happen to MOST women, but it does happen to some. They say its not dangerous to the baby or anything.. it just causes a bit of discomfort for you. She says that putting a bit of pressure from your hand on it.. might make it feel better.. other then that she just learned to deal with it. Im hoping thats not the case for you.. its just something that you can look into. Good Luck with finding out!



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