Pains In Pelvis

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Aimes - June 8

The last couple of days I have been having aching pains in my pelvic area. It's both sides of my pelvis, right in my groin area. I am 25 wks tomorrow, adn I think it may be from walking on the treadmill and the extra weight--I am carrying very low and infront. Hasa anyone had similar pains. Just wondering if it's more than the walking that's doing it. Otherwise, no bleeding or anything strange. I thought new sneakers would help, but not really. Think I may try yoga!


Linda99 - June 8

Aimes, sounds like ligament stretching. I'm 18.5 weeks and I'm notincing more and more pain when I move in certain positions. The pain is underneath my belly on both sides. I wouldn't worry!


drea - June 8

Aimes....I have exactly the same thing. I'm 25 weeks also (26 this Saturday - Yeah). It feels like I'm sore in my in my pelvis and it also hurts when I shift positions in bed and stuff. I think it's totally strectching. As long as we have no bleeding or odd discharge we are fine.


Taffy - June 10

I'm getting similar pains at 22 weeks. They are worse if I walk or stand for 20 minutes or more. I think its the post_tion of the baby as she's standing up. So she's got feet sticking in awkward places that can be quite painful. If I lie on my side for a while they go away. Sometimes it feels like she's trying to get out! I don't know if it'll help for you but I've been swimming about 4 times a week and that really helps with the round ligament pains. I can gently stretch out my muscles in ways that I couldn't if I wasn't in water.


ThePezChick - June 11

I had pains like this about a week ago. That and in my right lower back. The doctor said it was 2 things... round ligament stretching and my uterus was on my siatic nerve. He suggested I get a maternity belt to lift my uterus. It was $15 at a maternity store. It definitely helped some, although the pain didn't go away completely.


Aimes - June 12

I wish i could swim, but unfortunately we don't have a pool. I am going to give the treadmill a break for a while, but now I am trying to find a good workout video tat I can try. I feel like I need to do something for exercise, both for my mood and my weight. Any ideas?



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