Pains In Stomach

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Kama - April 13

I just ate some Pizza Rolls (im not sure if they're good for me, but they are really good, lol). Anyway, right after that I had some pains in my stomach when I stood up and took a breath. Do you think pizza would be bad on the baby? or would it just be because I havent ate them since ive been pregnant? I am 14 weeks. Its kinda a silly question, but I dont want to hurt the baby in any way!!!!


heather - April 13

depends on how fast you stood up. maybe that had something to do with it.


Tanya (no2) - April 14

Kama, pizza is not bad for your baby. You probably just felt your ligaments stretching when you stood up, and it was coincidental that it was just after you ate. At about 20 weeks, I had pain for 5 hours straight, so bad that I couldnt walk. The doctor booked me off for a day and said it was my uterus that was under a little stress. If the pain comes and goes, then you are fine... if the pain lasts more than an hour or so, then I would suggest that you lie down. And if it still continues, then go to the doc Regards


Ann - April 14

I have been having pains in my stomach right after I eat too. feels like im going to start my period, is there something wrong with the baby? I am almost 4 months now


E-mail me answers - May 15

I am confused, i have all the pains and everything for a pregnancy, but i keep getting my period, at different times like once it was on the 15th than the 3rd than 22nd, its really confusing, and i don't know what to do, im only 17 and i do not want my parents finding out... is it normal though for a woman to be pregnant and still get there period? and what should i do, can you email me answers at [email protected] and put in the subject answer to preg question. please, i need help, plus if i am the father will come back to me, he left me after i found out i could be... im sooo terrible scared that i miscarried or something.. please someone email me do not write here, cuz i don't know how to check it.. thanks


Maleficent - May 15

i've had terrible pains if i stand up too fast or if i don't lift something just right. it's all ligiments and tendons stretching.



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