Palmers Coco Butter Stretch Mark Cream

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Cad0587 - February 3

Anyone using it? I was wondering how everyone thought it worked, I bought some because it was buy 1 get 1 free at CVS one week and I've been using it daily, even though I'm haaardly showing yet it says it increases the skins elasticity and prevents stretch marks. I was also wondering how often you use it? twice daily or once daily? I did it twice daily when I first started but now I've been doing it once.


britt_m - February 3

I don't use the stretch mark one, but it's just because I have a full bottle of the coco b___ter formula. I use it once in the morning, on my b___bs and stomach. My b___bs had some bad looking stretch marks that have faded to a light pink, I don't have any on my tummy. They were that way for a while then when I started using it they began to fade a bit within a few days. So I'm really a firm believer in this stuff : ). But I ain't saying you won't get them if you use it but I think it really helps. Good Luck


Tammy276 - February 3

I use it just to keep my skin moisturized....First thing you need to know is there is NOTHING that will prevent stretch marks. They may help them not be so bad and not as dark.. Stretch marks are genetic and if your mother, sister, got them, chances are you will get them too.


LinsTwin - February 4

Like Tammy said, a lot of it is probably genetics, but I'm not taking any chances. I think the two most important steps you can take to at least TRY to avoid them are to exfoliate and moisturize. A friend of mine who had twins (and no stretch marks) recommended the combination of Palmer's with Neutrogena Light Sesame body oil. The oil totally neutralizes the smell of the Palmer's. In fact, since I started using the combo, I've been told often that I smell nice. Moisturizing helps prevent itching, too, and scratching CAN cause stretch marks. So....... My favorite combination is to exfoliate in the shower with my favorite Earth Therapeutics exfoliating sponge, and slather the lotion/oil combination on my b___t, b___bs & belly afterward. I just do it in the mornings, and my skin is "baby" soft. Good luck!


Allisonc79 - February 4

When do you usually start seeing stretch marks on your stomach? My sister never got stretch marks but my mom got them pretty bad. I think its because my sisters tall and has a long torso, so less stretching.


jessicaspatherapist - February 4

i got this special oil from New Zealand...called bio oil...its suppose to be all the rage in europe for stretch mark prevention. i ordered it online and it was only $23.


sarahsteele - February 4

hello, im from newzealand, and i too use the bio-oil.. its actually really good and does wonders for stretch marks!!


jessica72 - February 4

My cousin swears by Pure Vitamin E oil. They sell it at stores in small bottles and there are various I.U. concentrations. She said the highest she can find. IShe had two kids and not a stretch mark. I am going to try using some of that in combo with my Palmers cream so I don't feel too oily. She said to use the oil at night and then put a cotton Tee shirt on so you don't get your sheets oily. So far I've only been using Palmers and no stretch marks on tummy, but some on b___bs. Alot is probably genetics, but anything to help is worth a shot.


jessicaspatherapist - February 4

sarahsteele! don't you just love the bio-oil?! the smell is really pleasant and i don't feel oily at all after i use it :)


MNMOM - February 5

stretch marks are genetic, either you will get them or you won't. I didn't think I was going to get them last time, and then they appeared practically overnight, at like 34 weeks or something! The palmers is good if your skin itches but I don't think any product can guarantee you won't get them if it is in your genes already anyway!


c_baer19 - February 5

Did anyone else's start on their b___sts, and then they got them on their tummies? I'm worried that because I'm small to begin with, all this stretching is going to give me some killer stretch marks, lol. I'm 16 weeks and I found 1-2 on one of my b___sts a week or two ago, but I also haven't been using the Palmers, which I do have. My skin isn't itchy, at all, though. Just curious to see if anyone else's started there, or if they started there and didn't go anywhere else.


MNMOM - February 5

I only got them on my tummy last time. I'm sure to acquire some new ones this time :(


Candyleighs - February 5

Hi personally love the stuff. I use it daily and I a, 25 weeks pregnant. I also used it with my first 2 children and didnt recieve any stretch marks. I believe I would have gotten a few by not using it. I agree that they have to do with genetics but I also believe you can take measures to prevent from getting them as bad. I have many friends who use something to keep there skin well hydrated and all have gotten few stretch marks. So I am a firm believer that stuff helps alot.


JolieLucker - February 5

i mix pure vit. E oil and Eucerin lotion (couldnt stand the smell of palmers) its a good mix/no smell and NOTHING can beat vitamin E oil for skin...


lily10 - February 6

I use palmers coco b___ter concentrated cream everyday after the shower. I'm not so sure it's going to work any miracles, if I'm going to get the dreaded stretch marks then I guess there is not much I can do. So far not a one has appeared on my stomach. I snuck a peak at the 3rd trimester board a few weeks ago and a couple of the moms over there got them at around 35 weeks or so. I do love palmers coco b___ter. I also purchased some Berts Beas body b___ter and one of the main ingredients is coco b___ter and let me tell you this stuff is thick, so I slather it on before bed.


mommy716 - February 6

I tried everything to stop the stretch marks, and I still got them all over my stomach, my back, my arms, legs, lower b___sts, it may sound bad but I love them! when I look at my boy... it was all worth it! can't wait to see if I'm going to get more stretch marks this time round


lily10 - February 6

mommy716 I'm glad you are embracing your stretch marks!



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