Panic Attacks And Baby Showers

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JolieLucker - February 27

so i've been super excited for EVERYTHING... BUTTTTT the other day i was at babies-r-us starting the registry and i started thinking about things i got a HUGE panic attack i almost passed out... thennnn i was signing up for the birthing classes and i starting getting the faint feeling again... im really excited but also soooooooo scared of the "GIVING BIRTH" process it seems like..... but so excited for her to come... im 20wks, so maybe its just everything starting to kick in..? anyways... gimmie some words on wisdom to help calm myself pleaseeeeeeeeee... thanks =]


Cad0587 - February 27

I'm petrified about the giving birth process and I have a lot of anxiety about it and think about it a lot but I'm just going to try my best to stay in control when the time comes, I just hope I can be drugged up completely haha


Danielle19 - February 28

giving birth is the best part you get to meet your little one, and everyone comes to visit you and everyone takes care of you, and after you give birth you feel like you can do anything, its going to be the best day of your life, think of it that way instead of being scared for it to come.. good luck and i hope you have a wonderful pregnancy!!!


Allisonc79 - March 1

I am starting to get really exited too, but I guess its more of an anxious feeling than anxiety, like I have so much to do. Up till now everyone has been like oh don't worry you have time. Now at 20 weeks, it is kicking in now though. As far as labor just think of it as the day you'll meet your baby, not a day of pain.


JolieLucker - March 1

the weird part is... im not really scared of the pain.. i dont know what it is that im so scared about, i cant wait till i meet her and see her little face... i think its just knowing that im now 'halfway done' its just scary!!! but thank you ladies for writing.. <3


lawlady72 - March 1

Your probably nervous about the entire prospect of your life changing forever and a little tiny human looking to you for all the answers. I also was not afraid of the pain at all. And as a matter of fact it was gone so immediately after, it wasn't even a factor. But I did panic when I thought about being completely responsible for this little person. Maybe thats what your feeling??? But chin up, it just kicks in. At first I thought I wouldn't know what to do, then it just hit me, mommy instinct, and I also had plenty of people to give me advice (whether asked for or not).



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