PAP Test

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worried - January 21

okay well my doctor told me i had to get a pap test done... i know WHAT it is but i have no idea what they do, does it hurt? is it uncomfortable? can someone help im really nervous


worried - January 21



To worried - January 21

It's just your yearly exam where they swab your female parts and make sure all is well. It's not comfortable but it doesn't "hurt" either. It will be over in no time.


To worried - January 23

I just got it done actually last week. They basically insert a tube down your v____a and take samples from your mucus. It does not hurt at all, unless the doctor pushes the tube really hard which they don't, but very uncomfortable. It does not take long, so don't worry. My best advise to you is to relax your b___t muscles when the doctor is doing the HELPS! I'm always tense every time they do it, I can't help it, but when my doctor pushes my b___t muscles down and I relax them, you can hardly feel anything there actually. Best of luck, don't worry about it too much.


to worried - January 23

I get it done every year. I dont find it uncomfortable or painful. they insert a tube and take a sample of the mucus as has been described.. but I dont find it any different than when anything else is inserted in there.


Ba8y6irl - January 23

when I get them done they have never stuck a tube in me, its been a clamp to keep me open and a sc___pe with a plastic mini spatula and a couple cotton swabs... they dont hurt :)


me - January 23

whats up with saying they put a tube down you? I've always had that clamp thing....looks like a duck bill with a handle. They insert it in a few inches, squeeze the handle to open you up, take a cotton swab, swab you, take out the clamp and your done!!! Nothing to it except the general awkwardness.


Dwilson924 - January 23

I had it done and just a heads up because pregnant women are very Vascualar ( i think thats the term they used) that when they "sc___pe" your insides and then swab you to send out to check for cervical cancer, they might break blood vessels causing you to bleed. IT IS PREFECTLY FINE IF YOU BLEED WHEN HAVING IT DONE and the bleeding will go away in 24 hours. My doctor gave me the heads up before she did it just so I didn't panic when i saw that I was bleeding. As i said IT IS OK IF YOU BLEED. ALL THAT IT IS IS BROKEN BLOOD VESSELS AND IT DOES NOT HARM THE BABY AT ALL!



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