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Marie - June 13

Maybe I am just being crazy because I am 22 weeks pregnant but here goes: I have been with my husband for 7 years and married for almost 5 and am pregnant with my second child. We are very happy. Before my husband and I were together he dated a girl who he grew up with and her mother was great friends with his mother. Well many years ago when the girl's mother found out that we were together she tried to break us up because it has always been her dream for her daughter to marry my husband (her daughter even came to my husband work and threw a few fits) . We haven't heard from her or her daughter for many years (my mother-in-law stopped communicating with her for other reasons). Anyway she has just recently been calling my mother-in-law and it really bothers me. I can't imagine what she could possibly do to destroy my family but it really bothers me. Just the sound of her name gives my stomach upset! This woman is just plain trouble she just likes to brag about her children and start things up. To make a long story short she is 61 years old and still in love with her highschool sweetheart which happens to be my husbands uncle (which is why she has stayed in contact with my mother in law for all these years). I just don't think she'll ever get over my husband getting married to someone other than my husband. My mother-in-law knows that it bothers me but she says well I've been friends with her forever! What do you guys think? Sorry so long!


Melissa - June 13

Well, the bottom line is that you husband is with YOU. Not her. If he truly wanted to be with her, then he would have stayed with her, or gotten back together with her when she was throwing herself at him. He obviouslydoes not want anything to do with her. I think it is really horrible that this woman is being such a pain. Especially when you are pregnant and hormonal and maybe not feeling so attractive. Could you ask your mother in law not the talk about this woman?? ( even though she insists on talking with her, you dont need to know the details do you? ) Also, maybe bring it up to your husband, that way you can get some rea__surance. I feel for you, I have been finding that things bother me much more now ( i am 24 weeks ) then they did when I first got pregnant or ever before. I just dont have the patience to deal with people acting like idiots. The 61 yr old lady's life probably sucks so bad, she has nothing better to do than to look at someone elses nice life and want a piece. UUUGGHHH! Now I am MAD !!!


Marie - June 13

My husband thinks the lady is a psycho as well and always tells me I have nothing to worry about. For instance when she found out my husband and I were dating she told my mother in law "Oh I'll find out all about this girl for you" and things like that. I just don't want her knowing about my life and my mother in law likes to brag about her grandchildren and my husband's career. I wish my mother in law wouldn't talk to this woman and my husband has told her not too but like I said she has known her for like 50 years! I just hate her!!!!!!! I don't even think her daughter cares she lives some place else and has a good career this is an obsession her mother has and my husband hates their entire family! It just makes me cringe!


Audrea - June 13

I truly understand how it can be so irritating to you. One good thing to think about though, at least your husband a__sures you that he wants nothing to do with her family and does not like them. As long as you are a__sured of that, you really can't worry about what the MIL is doing. It can drive you crazy and just know that you know nothing will happen between you and your husband due to the relationship between your MIL and that lady. Just try to ignore when your MIL talks about this other lady. She obviously does not understand how much stress this topic has been put into your life and your marriage. Just try to put it out of your mind and think that it is not your problem, I know that is easier to say than do. Good luck.


M - June 14




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