Passing On AFP Test

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florinna - February 26

Anyone else passing on the AFP test? I decided I wouldn't do anything about it anyway if I had a high possibility of a defected child (sorry mom and dad, you're not going to be grandparents after all, we chose to terminate because it was probably defective!!!), so I skipped it. Sorry, don't mean to be harsh, I know another reason is to prepare for a high needs baby. I just didn't want the stress and worry that comes with a positive result, or have to consider the risk of an amnio vs. stressing out the rest of my pregnancy wondering if my baby is normal or not. In a way I think it's too bad the AFP test can't be done in the first tri, because by the second, when I've told everyone already and gotten really excited about the pregnancy, honestly, for me ending it wouldn't be an option. As for preparing for possible difficulty, I guess I can do that just as well after birth if there are any problems. I'm totally totally not judging anyone for their choices, just wondering if anyone else feels the same way as me. I guess I just suspect I'm not strong enough to deal with the stress of a positive, false or otherwise. I'm already enough of a stresser!


AshleyandAverysmom - February 26

Im 36 and opted out b/c of my age. . I wasnt going to terminate so it wasnt worth the possible false postive test results along with all the stress! My thoughts were that I would get all I needed to know from the U/S...Good luck!


rjrmi - February 26

Florinna, my husband and I are not going to have the quad screen (I think that may be the same or a similar test.) We had a miscarriage in September and I know that I would not be able to go through with an abortion. We don't have any risk factors and we feel like it would just cause 5 more months of worry before we have the baby if there is something wrong. We are just crossing our fingers and hoping for the best!


jendean00 - February 26

I had the test and I am on the fence right now about it. I came back with a higher probability of a child with downs and I was sent to a specialist. Although they did not find any markers for downs they did find a small spot on the babys bowel. That was a month ago and I find out monday if it is still there. The doctor said it could be where the baby swallowed some aminotic fluid and it pooled in the babys bowel. I am hoping its gone when I go back but if its not and turns out to be a blockage they will watch and monitor it and determine the exact plan of action when she is born. If it turns out to be nothing then I will regret doing the test and all the stress it has put me through but if not I will be glad to know they can fix it as soon as she gets here.


lily10 - February 27

At first I did pa__s on the AFP because I wasn't going to terminate my pregnancy no matter what. I eventually decided to go ahead with it because I wanted to be prepared emotionaly in the event something was wrong. I know the AFP has a very high false positive but at least if something came back abnormal you could opt for other tests. I guess for me I decided that I would rather know now and be prepared then find out at birth and feel shocked because I was expecting a healthy baby.


Amanda18 - February 27

I decided not to get it done either. My doctor tried to pressure me a little and gave me the paper incase I changed my mind but after debating and talking to dh about it I figured it wasn't worth it. Sometimes I wish I had gotten it done just to be somewhat prepared but if the test results came back bad I'd probably go crazy for the remainder of the pregnancy and that kind of stress wouldn't be good for me or the baby.


suze42 - February 27

Im 42 and did have it done only b/c I was there but i did it w/complete awareness that I would be positive based on my age alone. I wasnt even shocked when she called to say it was positive...I was kinda shocked that my ratio for downs was so high! 1:10...YIPES...But thank goodness for this board...I read all about the false positives AND I was on a d/s site that told of downs moms who actually had had negative AFP' I realized the screening was pretty much useless. I had my level 2 and baby looked great!!! No markers!!...So I pa__sed on the amnio. No way was I going to risk m/c once I saw her...she's perfect to me! I definitely can see why you would NOT want to take just seems to upset moms for no reason..and Lord knows we have enuf of that! Im sure your little person is fine!


pebblesnbambam - February 27

Florinna.. I am in the same boat as you.. just didn't want to know. That was my first question to the doctor with my first pregnancy and again with this one.. What happens if it is positive... can you do anything about it... Nope.. ok.. thats easy. I don't want to know. I don't want one more thing to stress about. I know two people now who have had false positive tests... stressed their whole pregnancy thinking their baby was going to have downs for one... and spinabifida for another.. or something like that.. but they worried their whole pregnancy and nothing came about. Baby was fine. They had an awful pregnancy because of that... I say to each his own.. but if I have no control over it... why know... My opinion only. Congrats to the rest of you who have done it and had good news!!


moescrilla - February 27

My Dr. told me if I wasnt gonna have the amnio done, not to have the test done either, since it has such a high fals positve. So I knew I wouldnt do the amnio, so I didnt to the test either. It would be good to prepare for a high needs baby, but to worry yourself for the rest of your pregnancy only to find out your baby is healthy is just out of the question for me. That was with my son, and he was perfectly normal and healthy. I wont do it this time either. theres a 1 in 200 to 1 in 400 chance of miscarriage when you do amnio, and I'd hate myself forever if I had it done and had a miscarriage. So I'm not doing the afp test either.


melokia - February 27

Hi, had the AFP done and it came back extrememly high (giving me a 1:5 odds of neural tube defects). We go for follow up in one week. It's been stressful to hear there could be something wrong, but I'm still glad that we did it. Knowing how to prepare for something bad can make the birth experience positive even with a sick baby. Also there are in utero treatments for some syndromes, if you don't have it you turn down those options.


CodyKatie5 - February 27

Florinna, I'm glad I'm not the only one. I was feeling like I was the only person who pa__sed on this test. I was offered it this morning at my Dr. (they notified me at my last appt if I wanted it). My hubby and I talked it over and decided that we weren't going to get it done because it could cause unnecessary worry and we don't believe in abortion. We both hold the belief that if God doesn't think we can handle a child with a birth defect He will deal with it in His way. Don't feel bad about pa__sing it up. I don't.


kristinns25 - February 28

I am straddling the fence on this. I am 13w4d and my dr wants me to do the tests next visit. I am so nervous! My best friend called last night with the news that her test came back positive for downs. She will go to a specialist on Tuesday but she is so stressed out. She was so upset and now she just has to wait and see. This whole ordeal makes me not want to have the test because I don't know if I can handle the stress. Then again, if something really bad is wrong it would give me time to prepare mentally. This is such a tough decision...


lawlady72 - March 1

I believe that the test may cause stress and sometimes it isn't necessary because it's a false positive, but what about the ones who get positives and then go for the secondary tests and it turns out to be true. Well now they A) have an option if that is their belief B) are prepared for the fact that they will have a child with special needs C) Can inform their families ahead of time so that on the day of birth all will be prepared and not shocked. How sad is it that on the day you give birth to your child you find out there is something terribly wrong, you have only moments to discuss it with your loved ones before they meet your child and instead of it being a happy day, it's a sad day. At least if you can prepare everyone and educate them about the syndrome your child will be born with, the day of birth can still be one of happiness because it wasn't unexpected.


suze42 - March 1

lawlady, that is the only reason I would want to know ahead of time...mental preperation and to advise family and friends so that the birthday would still be happy. As I said, I did get the AFP, and it was positive as expected, but b/c my u/s looked so good, I chickened out on the amnio. If i had had any markers or indicators from the u/s, I would have had the amnio...which Im scared to death of!! But was fine. Melokia, plz read ALL the posts of "positive" screenings and how ALL of them turned problems!!! My ration was 1:10 and I know of 3 others w/high ratios that turned out good. So obviously this test has to be recieved w/ just aint very accurate..but if youre one that wants to know EVERYTHNIG there is to know...then it cant hurt...


lawlady72 - March 1

suze, my doctor did not advise an amnio at all unless something came back distinctly wrong. I went for the nuchal trans. u/s and it looked completely normal. My second round of blood screening is tomorrow. So far no need for an amnio.


Shannon - March 3

i didn't get it done with my first and i don't plan on it this time. i've heard about the false positive thing and i'm not even in a high risk category anyway.


Logansmom - March 4

I work in a lab and there are false positives. The AFP test for 3 things downs, mental retardation, and spina bifida. The downs part of it comes back in 1 in so many chances. If it comes back 1 in a hundred or so it is considered positive. Older moms have higher risk of theres coming back positive. A 39yr old I work with had one and hers came back 1 in 9( the highest I had seen at the time) she went and had a special u/s done and they ruled it out. He was born in Nov. and was fine. I am 34wks and did have one done. I have spina bifida in my family and they can do something about that while the baby is still in your tummy, but everything was fine. My downs was 1 in 275. I was still a little concerned because I have seen them up in the thousands, but it was negative. Your baby will be perfect to you no matter what, but I'm pretty sure everything will be fine.Its optional for a reason.



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