Pee Problems

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ry - November 18

I feel like I am going crazy. I feel like I have to pee ALL THE TIME but when I sit down to go-I cant. And sometimes when I really do have to go it takes forever to pee. I have to sit there for several minutes before I can go. Am I having some odd issues here or is anyone going through this too? I dont think it is an infection or anything because i dont have any painful urination or abnormal discharge, its just so weird!


erin - November 18

I would call your doctor and ask. I don't think you have to have all the symptoms of an infection for it to actually be one. Sometimes you have no symptoms or just one or two and it still turns out to be one. So I would definitely call and tell them what's going on. Good luck!


Mary - November 19

This happened to my one friend who is 32 weeks. She said it's b/c of the position of the baby on your bladder. When you go to pee, lean forward and that should make it easier to come out. Good luck!


Karen - November 19

I have the same concerns at times - for instance last night I was sitting watching t.v. and bang I felt the strong urge to pee - but I had just went! Its becoming more obvious when baby is actually sitting on my bladder! The pressure becomes quite intense at the blink of an eye - I get to the bathroom and I have to really try to pee. I was worried too that I might have an infection but I didn't have any burning - just the urge to pee. My midwife tested my urine - no infection. I think its just baby's positioning. I am 19 weeks and 1 day. I will continue to watch for signs of infection but at this point I am rea__sured that its just the baby plopping on my bladder... :o) I think its little one's favorite place! If worried - have your urine be on the safe side. By the way - I don't think even an hour goes by when I don't have the urge to pee...


ry - November 19

thanks guys. i was tested before for uti and was fine so it prob just is baby. it is so annoying though :0


elizabeth - November 20

I have exactly the opposite, i dont make it to the bathroom in time. I have kind of rush to the bathroom and when i make it there some gets on my panties. the baby likes to kick on my blatter. I sneezed once and it cut loose haha...good luck


Mommy2Lyssa - November 20

ry: I had the same problem with my first, and found that shifting her around (basically lifting my stomach or nudging her a little) did the trick. Like Mary said, its probably just the baby in an awkward position.



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