Peed When I Sneezed

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Hana - April 2

Ladies, I've actually peed when i sneezed today! This comes as a surprise as I've been doing those kegal squeezes to strengthen my muscles down there since the beginning of my pregnancy (14 weeks). Has this happened to anyone and do you have any advice?Thanks!


EricaG - April 2

Hey Hana, I have a really hard time with that. I have learned to just try to relax my body and only sneeze with my upper body. That works for me. :o)


3babies - April 2

Hi Hana, I am physio that works in this area. It is possible to be doing your kegal exercises incorrectly, so if you are in a position to have your technique checked by a physio specialising in this area that is a good start. Some poor girls do everything right but it is just a combination of hormones and gravity working against them. One of my patients had this problem from six weeks of pregnancy. Just very sensitive to those pregnancy hormones that soften everything up. Keep going with the exercises if your technique is ok, and remember to brace with those muscles when you know you will cough/sneeze.


ataylor724 - April 4

I don't have any suggestions, but I pee everytime I sneeze and I have bad allergies so I find myself doing it a lot :( I feel like I should buy Depends or something. My baby's supposed to be the one in diapers, not me!!!! Sorry to hear it, but at least you're not alone!


Kara H. - April 4

I have had the same problem since around 14wks. I had a bad cold two weeks ago and sneezed constantly. It was horrible! I'm fine on the little sneezes but the big sneezes are the ones that cause me problems. I have found that the overnight carefree panty liners work the best for me. The regular panty liners aren't big enough and the poise panty liners are more than I need. Also, if you are standing when you feel a sneeze coming on, cross one foot over the other so the outside edges of your feet are touching and squeeze your thighs together. It prevents me from dribbling everytime. The only time I need the panty liner is if a sneeze sneeks up on me without warning!


Elena - April 4

oh yes it has happen to me I'm 15 weeks was not much but it scares me to think when I'm farther along that I will not be able to control. lol


Hana - April 4

Ladies, thanks for your replies! I found if i contract the muscles that i use in the kegal exercises it helped a lot. God helps me when i get further along lol


ariete0416 - April 5

That happened to me the other day for the first time! I am 22 weeks. I laughed so hard when I did it, boy am I glad I was home alone! LOL



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