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Liz - October 12

I had a pelvic exam done yesterday and the nurse pract_tioner who did it said that my uterus is pre-pregnancy size. I think I'm about 14 weeks, though, but does this mean there's no possible way this could be the case?? I'm very confused because my abdomen has become steadily bigger for the past month (I take a picture once a week to compare), and I can't figure out why it would be doing this other than pregnancy. I've had both urine and blood tests done, but they've all come out negative. However, I have a line running from my belly button down to the top of my pubic hair, I've felt nauseous in the mornings (even before I get out of bed) for several weeks, I'm exhausted most days (getting a little better now), my nipples have changed (a lot more sensitive and they're tipped white), I'm moodier, hungrier but not interested in a lot of foods I typically like, and I had a dizzy spell last week. What's going on??


Liz - October 13

I really would like an answer, you guys!! Even if all you say is I'm crazy to even ask this question!! :-P


to liz - October 13

I think that if people aren't answering it is because they don't know what to tell you. I mean, it has happened that women have been pregnant even though doctors and tests have said they are not, but this is usually not the case. What worries me is that your doctor is not giving you any other reasons for all these changes. I have heard of the following conditions causing these problems: early menopause which can hit women as young as in their 20's, ovarian cysts which can cause some of the symptoms you are describing, as well as just benign tumors. So, what bothers me about your post is just that your doc does not seem to be helping you. Either you really are pregnant against all odds and then they really should give you an ultrasound to make sure you arent (by now you would see the baby on an ultrasound), or you have a condition which needs to be helped. So what I suggest is that you go to a doctor and demand answers. Good luck!


???? - October 13

I agree with the last post. I don't think you are pregnant but you need to find out what is causing you all these symptoms. Please go to a doctor.


Charlene - October 13

Could you not ask to be sent for an ultrasound?


Liz - October 13

Thanks for the advice, everyone :) The annoying thing is I don't have insurance right now, so I went to Planned Parenthood and the nurse pract_tioner didn't know what she was doing. She seemed convinced it was gas even though I know it can't possibly be (I'm very regular), but she at least had me get my thyroid checked. I haven't gotten the results back from that yet, so I'm basically just waiting around to see what's wrong. If there's nothing wrong with my thyroid then she'll test something else and so on and so forth. It was very frustrating that she kept trying to explain away all my symptoms, and I couldn't even list all of them off because she kept interrupting me. I definitely need to get insurance and go somewhere else...


Liz - October 13

In fact, do any of you know of any low cost health insurance plans?? You guys are awesome, by the way :-)


jb - October 13

Liz, Can you apply for medicaid? That might work. Sometimes they have pregnant only medicaid. IF you dont qualify for regular medicaid you may qualify while pregnant and the pregnancy related medical bills will be covered. Or just get insurance through your work, even though it might be on the expensive side.


kendall - October 13

hi liz i understand how it feels not to have ins. i just got on ahccss in az and it pays for all of my doc visits and prescriptions. if you are pg you should fine out within 20 days if not it could take 45 days i would reccommend going to your local D.E.S. office and apply it wouldn't hurt to try. good luck


hi - October 13

i had a pelvic exam and an ultra sound at the doctors office without an insurance and that cost me about 3---400 dollars. that was in los angeles, ca. it sounds like you would need a "real" doctor to find out what is going on with you. good luck to you and i hope you find out what is going on.


to kendall - October 14

What does D.E.S. stand for?


jamie - October 14

If your uterus was pre-pregnancy size you definately aren't pregnant...Are you missing your periods? Like somebody else mentioned, there are many other things that could cause all these symptoms, some of them serious, so you really need to get checked out. Also, I thought I'd mention, if you wanted to get pregnant really bad sometimes it's really hard not to read too much into things. Before I got pregnant it was so easy every month to think ok my b___bs have changed, I'm feeling sick, my belly looks bigger, etc and think I have to be pregnant.....but I tell you what, when I got pregnant, it was NOTHING like I had expected, and nothing like I'd experienced before. Also, I wanted to mention, that if you really did get pregnant in the beginning, and lost the baby early on, sometimes your body take a while to figure out what is going on and can still go on acting as if it's pregnant. I would definately check out getting on medicaid or something so you can get some medical care without having to pay an arm and a leg. Good luck


Sue - October 14

How old are you? Could it be perimenapause?


karen - October 14

I agree with the first poster. However, I have heard of people being pregnant, yet never taking a positive test. Have you taken a test before your appointment? HcG levels drop in the second trimester, though not enough to not show up on a pregnancy test. Maybe you could inquire about the cost of getting a blood test done at a "real" doctor? Unfortunately, this is something only a doctor can answer. Good luck to you.


kendall - October 14

department of economic security this is where someone would apply for food stamps, ins if you can't afford any other kind(its free)



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