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dekota - February 28

Hi girl's I'm 24 week's pregnant and I'm already having pelvic pain's I'm just wondering if it's normal at 24 week's..If anybody can help that would be good. thank you


AshleyandAverysmom - February 28

do you feel it in your groin when you walk. Im 25 1/2 weeks andf I feel it too..This is normal and is just your body stretching and growing, if this is the case when it hurts lay down for about an hour if you can, the pain will go away..hope this helps


pebblesnbambam - February 28

I dekota.. just went in to the doctor for it yesterday.. started out as groin pain... and then went to like menstrual pain. Doc checked me out and everything looks good. Was told no more exercising and to go to work (I have a desk job) and then take it easy in the evenings. No more lifting son or overexerting. I also fell this past weekend and wonder if I didn't pull something. I had preterm labor with my son.. so I am extra cautious.. good to mention to your doctor.. Take it easy and if it persists... get it checked out.


idesign17 - February 28

Hi dekota, I am 24 weeks as well and have been having pelvic pain for about 3-4 weeks now. It starts right between my legs and radiates upwards, concentrating mostly on my pubic bone. It KILLS when I've been standing or walking around for even 30 minutes or so. If you get relief after you sit/lie down it's probably just the stretching that is taking place. As you may know, your body is producing a hormone called Relaxin (sp?). It relaxes the joints and muscles so your pelvis can widen and stretch. It can be very painful, but at least it is rea__suring that it is your body's way of naturally getting ready for the big day. Just a word of warning though, my pain got worse when I had to urinate and I found out I had a mild bladder infection. So just be mindful of when/how it hurts. If you have any additional pain in the are when you pee, talk to your doctor.


dekota - February 28

Thank's for the help :-)



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