Pelvic Pressure

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Lisa - August 24

Does anyone else have problems with intense pelvic pressure? I am 14 weeks preganant, and feel like the baby is trying to come out! I occasonally had the same feeling when I wasn't pregnant, but not as often. This is my second pregnancy. Any advice?


Sheryl - July 6

I have that problem too. With my first child the pressure seemed to be related to dialating too early. I was bed rested. I'm on my 4th pregnancy and now I just lay down when I get the pressure because pelvic pressure is a symptom of preterm pregnancy.


Tina - July 10

I'm also in my 14th week and I have been having that pressure today especially-- I dont remember having it with my first baby, but that was 10 years ago!!! I get it once in a while-- the first time was after my pelvic exam at 11 weeks. I dont know what to think either! I had my first child 2 months premature, but dont remember feeling this, it's a totally different thing. I would just take it easy... if you find anything out, let me know, and I'll do the same! Thanks!


jacely - July 23

I experience this since last few days. Now i realise it is because of the wrong posture that I had during last few week of pregnancy. According to nurses, we must sit, stand and etc correctly to avoid hurting our pelvic. And after since i try to correct my posture, the level of pain reduce. I guess the correct posture really help to reduce pressure on our pelvic. here is an link of a website to have correct posture. hope it help. if you guy find it useful and really help to reduce pressure on pelvic, pls let me know. so to confirm it does help


Melissa - July 30

Pelvic pressure is completely normal in pregnancy. It is your body's way of making way for the baby. It can begin early in pregnancy and may increase as pregnancy continues and the baby grows, putting more weight on your cervix. Your uterus and cervix are after all, basically muscles. It is no wonder they are aching under the increased weight suddenly put upon them. However, in rare cases, it can be a sign that something is wrong and you should consult your doctor.


Michelle - August 4

I have the same problem, especially around the ovaries. My doctor said that is natural.I guess it's just because the uterus is stretching and it causes pain. My doctor told me to take 2 tylenols and I'll be alright. My concern is my kidney's. I was put in the hospital about 2 years ago with a kidney infection and that was the worst pain I'd had ever felt.


LaTisha - August 12

I had (2nd child) and am starting to have again with the 3rd pelvic pressure. It is starting sooner this time as I am 11 weeks. Previously my doctor said that it was because my muscles and ligament were more likely and easier to stretch with my second child. This time I think it a combination of the later and me working to hard on my feet. So now I try to relax and take breaks through the day. Lying down also helps.


Amber - August 24

Oh good! It's not just me! I'm 15 weeks into my second pregnancy and feeling intense pressure (like my pants are too tight - which they aren't) and it's rather bothersome. No pain at all - just an uncomfortable feeling - like I'm being pushed at from the inside out. I've noticed on days when I feel this pressure, that I'm retaining water. I find it's worse when I'm at work since I have a desk job and am sitting a lot during the day. It's helped me to get up and walk around, take a break, adjust my chair so I'm leaning back a bit, etc...


sara - September 15

I have been having something similar...It feels like when you hit your funny bone but on your cervix? it is almost like the baby is kicking my cervix? I am only 18 weeks. I'm waiting for Nurse to call me back.


Angie - September 16

I have also been feeling pelvic pressure the past few days. I have a dr appointment tomorrow & I will let you know her answer. Knowing that I am not the only one really helps.


rachel - February 4

I came on here looking for answers. On my 3rd and never had pressure like this with the other two, but it is just as others have described. Makes me feel better knowing it is normal. Thanks everyone


Paige - February 11

This is my second pregnancy and I found out 6 weeks ago I am carrying a girl. Sometimes it feels like she is pouncing on my pelvis and I have to pee all the time. My friends tell me girls are lower and cause a lot of pressure so I am attributing it to that, it is worse when the baby is moving. My back has also been very bothersome during this pregnancy.


Ruby - March 3

I am going through the same problem. I am four weeks pregnant. I have three children one boy and twin girls. I am glad to find out that it could be normal. If anyone else finds out more please let me know.


deisy - March 8

I'm 22 weeks preganat and have pelvic pressure off in on since my 20 week pregnant. Is this normal


Heather - March 8

I had it around 9 weeks.. and haven't had it since.. ob said it will come and go throughout the first and second trimester and then return towards birth and not disappear until baby is here.


Laura - March 12

I am 16 weeks and i feel pelvic pressure also


JENNY - March 23




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