Pelvic Rest

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Kim - July 30

My doctor put me on Pelvic Rest today, I'm 20weeks. What are all of the things that I should not be doing at this point?


amber - July 9

im 12 weeks, starting my 13th, i am also on pelvic rest. I was told no s_x, nothing in the v____a, and not to lift anything over 5 lbs. Also, to rest and take it easy.. not too much walking etc.


Holly - July 30

I am 19 weeks and just got put on Pelvic Rest too. Just be careful so that it does not lead to bed rest, or a prematurly born baby. No lifting, no jogging, nothing that will jostle you in anyway. Good luck and hang in there!


nicole - December 21

i am on pelvic rest because i am spotting and the octor told me on s_x, tampons, or heavy lifting


Christine - December 22

I'm 23 weeks and have been on pelvic rest since the very beginning...why did they put you on it? should of been told if you for me I had a huge cyst..that I had removed surgically at 13 weeks..scary..but went ok...and now they say I have a low placenta...not covering..just again still pelvic they just said no s_x... and take it easy...To be honest...I'm a little frustrated with it now..good luck


Amanda - February 20

I'm 32 weeks, started on mine last Tuesday, like you all i too am on pelvic rest. All my doctor told me was no s_x or douching. I'm just wondering if no s_x means no orgasm of any kind?


Julie - May 5

I was put on pelvic rest at 8 weeks. I am now 20 weeks. My doctor said no s_x, no excersise over walking and no lifting over 10 lbs. The hard part, explaining the no s_x to my poor husband. We do not have intercourse, but when I did have an orgasm, I cramped severely!


Sarah Herbranson - May 11

The one thing I did not know when they put me on pelvic rest after I spotted and lightly bled once, was why, I knew pelvic rest meant no s_x, or lifting things over 10 pounds, and basically taking care not to put any stress on my lower abdomen, what I did not know was why was this so important and I found out the hard way, I bent over to pick something up instead of squatting and found myself in an ambulance losing what appeared to be my baby, I spent two hours in the emergency room bleeding waiting on blood work and wondering if my baby was dead or alive, fortunately my 12 week old fetus was fine, The tears my husband and I shed trying to accept our expected loss were not, We were sent home after the sonogram and told to return first thing in the morning to my regular obgyn, we did and found out why pelvic rest is important if you are spotting or bleeding, I had experienced a partial placental abruption, and if I am not careful to avoid any strenous activity, I could lose our baby, once the placenta abrupts completely the baby will die and the worse the abruption the harder it is on your baby, to get nutrients so it can grow, it can cause early labor, stillbirths and all kinds of scary things, just know if the doctor says no s_x or tells you to be on complete pelvic rest he has good reasons for doing so, he just may not want you to know how important following his instructions are. Be careful with yourself and good luck to all of you out there.


KatC - January 10

Hi! I just got put on pelvic rest today for placenta previa. My doc told me nothing that could cause the cervix to contract, which I a__sume to mean no orgasms :( But hang in there, it'll be over before you know it :)


pikapuka2000 - March 7

correct. no orgasm, no s_x, no moderate lifting, etc etc etc. It sucks, but it will keep your baby safer.


KatC - March 7

Good news is my placenta previa has corrected itself since it occured so early in my pregnancy.


pikapuka2000 - May 1

yay!! that's wonderful news



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