Pencil Test

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KarenC - June 29

Anyone tried the pencil test to find out the total number of kids you will have and the gender?


Melissa - June 30

I have not heard of the pencil test...what is it?


susie - June 30

Yea how u do that one?


A. J. - June 30

I have never heard of that...what is it?


Kathleen - July 1

Actually..yes!!!! Mine has said two girls since I was a teenager and low and behold girl #1 is 4 and girl #2 is on the way!!!!


mm - July 2

wow katherine, its came tru for u, once in college i had one that kinda test it showed one boy, now i m pregnant with my first,in my 16th week and eager to find out what sis the s_x, heartbeat is 160 btw, -:o)


... - July 2



Christy - July 4

What is it and how do you do it?? Can you do it while you are prego??


KarenC - July 4

Hi all, I actually read about this pencil test in the "Labour section" in this forum, hence I'll copy copy the steps to conduct this test & share with u all. "You will need to thread a needle and stick the needle in the eraser of a pencil that is sharpened. After you have done this, hold the thread of the needle in your hand steadily(you have to be comfortable and not move). While holding the thread make sure to drop the pencil on your other wrist or someone's wrist and bring it up slowly just about an inch or so and the pencil will start to move. When it goes in a circle it is starting to decide whether it will be a girl or boy. If it moves horizontally (across ur wrist), it's a girl. Vertically (from fingers to arm), it's a boy. It will show all the children you will have including any miscarriages. When it comes to a complete stop or does not move at all it is done." Enjoy trying!!


YellowBear - July 5

sounds kinda evil so i think i'll pa__s


Jane - July 7

Evil? What are you talking about? Some people think everything is evil these days ...


Ann - July 9

I just tried says I am going to have a girl first and then a boy! Hopefully baby will help us out on Monday and confirm the first girl! :)


Ann - July 11

It's a girl! :)


KarenC - July 12

Congratulations to you Ann. I've tried it too and it said that I'm having a boy this time & I'm gonna confirm that in my scan this coming Saturday. =)



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