Perineal Massage

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j - October 13

Has anyone ever had this done (by yourself or partner) prior to having your child? Does it help? I was reading about it and the material said that you should start about 1-2 months before you are due. Anyone?


r - October 13

sorry I have never heard of it but it sounds fun....


Beth - October 13

I've heard of it being done during labour, but not before.


jb - October 13

I read about it in "what to expect when you are expecting". It does say to start a month or so before delivery. It gives instruction on how to do it. Its basically to stretch the skin to prepare for child birth.


Beth 2 - October 13

I have never heard of this what is it?


Petra - October 13

J, sorry, can't be of much help, as I'm 15wks w/ my first, but I have read about it in a couple of books and intend to give it a whirl when I'm getting closer to my due date. Have you asked your doctor or midwife about it? Probably a good resource there. It does seem like a potentially difficult angle to do it by yourself, so a partner might help. Just seems like it can't hurt to try.....whatever it takes to help prevent tearing!


Beth - October 13

Your perrineum is the skin between your 2 holes, not to get to graphic, it's what tears and in some places is cut during labour


bec - October 13

My partner did the ma__saging when I was pregnant with our second child. I gave birth to a 10lb baby girl with absolutely no tears at all. I put it all down to the ma__saging!


Beth - October 13

Bec-how much ma__saging, like when did he start ma__saging, for how long, how many times a week...etc


Laurabelle - October 13

I have heard of this and would like to do this in preparation for labor. I have also heard of this in preparation for having s_x. Both my husband and I were virgins when we got married. I did this type of ma__sage about a month before our wedding to prevent things from hurting or being too tight down there. I definitely think it helped! So definitely want to do it for childbirth!


Erin - October 13

I've heard about this and also about some type of oil that you should be ma__saging in.. does anyone know what kind of oil it is? I asked this in the 3rd trimester forum and haven't gotten an answer so maybe someone here knows about it


bec - October 13

It's going back 11 years (!) - I think we started around 30 weeks, for about 10 minutes every night or every second. I'll be honest - it hurts like hell but it is so worth it. We used plain old vegetable oil. I'm pregnant with my third now and my OBS says even though it's been a long time betweeen kids, if I stretched that 'nicely' once I can do it again especially if we ma__sage again. Good luck!!!


Ashley - October 14

Me and dh just finished a birth cla__s our midwife strongly suggested. This type of ma__sage is recomended. At the least it might reduce the tearing? Our material suggests using olive oil (or wheat germ oil or almond oil) and also using it on the baby's bottom for the first couple of poo's cause it is that really sticky black stuff. I guess it helps it not to stick to baby's skin and be so messy? Ok, back to the ma__sage - my info says to start with a warm bath or compress to relax and soften the tissues. It says this should take about 5+ minutes and when you feel tingling or burning that means "far enough!" It says to hold that "stretch" for 2 minutes if you can. It also helps you recognize the burning sensation which tells you to stop pushing for the cowning of the head as it slips out. I hope this helps and isn't terribly fuzzy, and have pretty detailed instructions in my birth book if anybody wants them, my email is [email protected] I am 21 weeks for the first time and I'm going to try it! ;)


Beth - October 14

Ashley, I would like those instructions, doesn't like a whole lot of fun, but to reduce tearing and prepare for labour.....sounds good! Will you email the info? My address is [email protected]


Beth 2 - October 14

Well thanks to all for bringing this up bcuz I have never heard of this until now. I typed it into a search online and there are lots of websites that talk about how to do this. After reading the instructions...I think it is definitly NOT something for me. I have enjoyed the information though but I think I will take my chances. Isn't kegal excersizes supposed to help too?


Jennifer - October 25

Ashley... that sounds almost word for word like the book I've been reading. The midwives I see use the warm olive oil technique which causes the skin there to be way more stretchy. Also, they say if you don't rush labor, like sometimes happens in a hospital setting, you can give your perineum more time to adjust to the baby's head, because the head comes through much slower than with active forceful pushing.


Ashley - October 25

Jennifer - EXACTLY!! I have a friend that just "got tired of pushing" even though she said it wasn't the worst part of labor for her (we're all different I know) she just decided, that's I all I want to push and rushed it. She said she thinks that's the main reason she tore!!!! I want to be coached a little more and try to take it slower ..... we'll see in Feb! ;)



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