Permanent Stretching After Vaginal Delivery

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Tiffany814 - June 14

Ok, I've been reading about this lately and it's a little scary and no two books say the same thing. Some say that after you delivery va___ally, your va___a never goes back to normal and s_x can actually be less pleasurable for you and your partner, and that you'll never be able to wear a tampon again b/c you'll be so lose it will just slide right out...crazy things! ...then you hear that your va___a is 'elastic' and goes back to normal eventually. Does anyone have any experience with this or know for sure because I'm tired of reading all these different things! I don't mean to sound vein, but it's something I think about. Of course there's no greater gift in the world than the baby you get out of your months of discomfort and painful delivery and its all worth it, but this is just something I'm very curious about. Thanks ladies!


HannahBaby - June 14

Haha you've been reading some pretty interesting things!! I had a v____al delivery and had no difference in s_x, and definatly was still able to use a tampon!! I had a 5lb baby, maybe if someone had like a 10,11 lb baby if may change a little bit but i cant see it being so bad that you cant wear a tampon.


voilet06 - June 14

Hey tiff, i wonder the same thing! i have talked to friends and alot of them say its not exactly the same but it does go back down - the kegel exercises help alot i heard with that too! hopefully someone will respond though and give their experience!


Tiffany814 - June 14

HAHA! Thanks Hannah, yeah you're right about the 9 and 10 pounders, lol. But maybe it has a lot to do if you have like 1 or 2 v____al deliveries vs. 4 or 5, ya know? lol. I hope you're right. I'd still like to hear others responses too. I even asked my mom this, and she had 2 incl my brother who was close to 9 pounds and she said its perfectly the same so thats a good thing. I guess we'll just have to see. I thought I'd just post the question and get us some answers! lol- hey violet, I heard the kegels during pregnancya and after you deliver help a lot too- you're right! :-)


kelley32 - June 14

You know I was just looking at my birth pics a few days ago, and was thinking, OMG, I can't believe that it stretches that much!! It's a wonderful thing, the v____a ... but I really think that it goes back to normal, mine did!!


Cocozen - June 14

The v____a is made to stretch and adapt during delivery. The muscles inside expand when you deliver but go back to normal as do any muscle if you stretch them. That can be why some women deliver late and are forced to have a C-section because the babies head is telling your cervix "no way I can't fit through there!!". Now...a 10 11 pound baby, I honestly don't think that a baby would be delivered if it was that big by v____al. You would have to have a C-Section. Keep in mind that your doctor uses the ultrasound machine to predict how big your babies head will be!! If it's to big for your small hole then he won't reccomend a v____al delivery and will advise you to get a Cesaerian!!!


Cocozen - June 14

Ahh yes one more can tear during a v____al delivery, small ones and ones that go from your v____a all the way down to your a__s! Excited? No matter...what can't go through your hole won't. And even when your delivery is painful and agonizing, that all goes away the second your baby pops out. one mroe sister told me that after she had her baby, and was allowed to have s_x again it was the best s_x she ever felt before. So no sweat!!


mandee25 - June 14

To Cocozen, my mom had my sis v____ally and she weighted 10 lbs 4 oz so it DEFINITELY can be done. Just wanted people to know it is doable for some women. Thanks...


Taffy - June 14

There's supposed to be a link between your shoe size and the size of baby that you can deliver without a problem. But even so it can be done even when the odds are not in your favour. My mum gave birth to my brother in 50 minutes with 2 pushes and he weighed nearly 11 lbs. I think the key is to make sure that you're fit enough to deliver and keep doing those Kegal exercises. Squeeze!


Betul - June 14

Tiffany, I had to laugh when I read your post. Be careful what you read. I have had 5 pregnanies (all v____al) and I am urrently pregnant with #6. 4 babies were in the 7 lb range and 1 was in the 8lb range. Women's bodies are amazing and after delivery the v____a will return to its pre-pregnany size within about 6 weeks. You won't be able to wear tampons right after birth and will be told not to try but you will be able to return to tampons after your first cycle. There may be a slight difference in v____al size but not so signifiant that it is noticable. Actually, s_x has become more pleasurable over the years and my husband has never noticed a difference. Kegals are great exercises too to help along the healing process before and after the baby is born.


Cocozen - June 14

Mandee - your mom must have wide hips or something! Either that shes a TROOPER grats to her tell her she is a strong strong woman =]!


Tiffany814 - June 14

Betul- thank you! WOW- 6 huh? Good for you, congratulations! See, I knew some of those books were full of c___p! I swear it's like they just want to scare you or something. But thank you for sharing your experience and I plan on doing the kegels religiously! haha! best of luck to you and everyone!



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