Pimples On And In Vagina

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Rom - December 28

I have been irritated for two days now and had to look and noticed that I have Pimples on my va___a and in the opening of my va___a is this normal. This is my second pregnancy and I never had this. Help!


Unsure - December 28

Breakouts anywhere during pregnancy are to be expected. Although in and around the v____a are abnormal places, it DOES happen. If you haven't already, try switching to all cotton underwear. Stay away from satins as they hold more moisture. I have had one or two, but they were the cystic kind, that I can't do anything about. It'll eventually go away. Best of luck to you.


25 WKS - December 28



Heather L - December 28

When I was pregnant with my 2nd son (he's 2 1/2 yrs old) I was very scared as I could feel little bumps "down there" and I asked my dr. to look and tell me what it was. I feared some sort of std (like warts) even though I was with my steady bf of 3 years. He told me it was just "skin tags". He said they would go away. And after the baby was born, they did. Just another one of those wierd things that we get to deal with. Just ask your dr at your next apt. and he can easily check you and tell you what it is.


Daytona - December 29

Yeh it could be just skin tag things..but also it could be a std finaly showing itself..i suggest you let your midwife/doctor know.


Pete - December 29

hey Rom it could be herpes!!! Ive got the same, comes out as pimples on the lips of my v____a everytime i have an overly emotional reaction (crying, angry, frightned).....have it checked out....its not serious but its annoying!!


Honey Bee - December 29

Well honey it can be a lot of things, usually if you have a cyst(which I have had) its only one or two and it is right in the opening of the v____a but if you are getting them everywhere and in multiple numbers I would tend to agree with Pete it might be herpes. Dont be scared, I have many many friends with that affliction and it is not the end of the world just go to the doc they are the ones that can tell you for sure.


Ow - December 29

id say Herpies is pretty serious there was a post on it here some where... should find out and get a swab if it is..it could meant the differnce between a natural or c section Birth... read up on t. pimple is possible too .. herpies are itchy and feel raw. www.valtex.com is the site you might want to check out.. J



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