Pins Amp Needles

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krnj - January 31

I'm 14 weeks & have been getting "pins & needles" in my hands & arms in bed at night. It keeps waking me up. Does anyone else have this problem?


JerseyGirl - January 31

My best friend had this with her pregnancy 2 years ago - hers was carpal tunnel syndrome. She wore some kind of braces on her hands & feet. Didn't look so great (hands), but it prevented it from getting worse. Hate to tell you this, but it continued for a few months even after she gave birth.


krnj - January 31

I've had trouble with my hands on & off because of all the typing I used to do! Now with carrying my 21lbs son around I'm sure that doesn't help any either! lol I think I had the same problem when I was pregnant with him now that I think back. I guess if it gets worse I'll get it checked out. Thanks!


pebblesnbambam - January 31

I have it on my legs.. it almost iches but hurts too.. I kept thinking my legs were just dry.. but it just comes.. like a bunch of pins stabbing my legs... makes me jump... like it hit a nerve... is that what you gals are feeling. I don't have it anywhere but my legs.


suze42 - January 31

I dont get the pins and needles, but I do get the carpel tunnel pain when I sleep. It was horrible w/DS and I also wore wrist braces when I slept. Ive noticed it again, but also in my finger joints. Gosh, isnt pregnancy STRANGE!


Diann - February 1

I'm 29 1/2 wks and have had that feeling for the 5wks. it hand and feet both fall asleep while I'm sleeping. my right hand has 3 fingers that i swear are permnamently sleeping which make lfe difficult. I have no strength in that hand and my's painful to walk and have shoes on. So, I made an appt with a physiotheropist to see if there is anything i can do besides suffering through the pain


Diann - February 2

Hey all. I went for my appt w/ theropist. I went into the appt with swollen feet. he spent an hour working on my neck, arms and hands as well as my legs and feet. It was painful but the results are worth it. when the appt was done my feet were no longer swollen, my shoes fit!!!!!!! And for the first night in a long time neither my hands nor feet fell asleep while sleeping. I have feeling in my hands again, not total but a lot better then it was before hand. if you can try and go get a ma__sage or mani cure and pedicure, something that gets the blood flowing. take care



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