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jenniferhanks - July 12

Okay, I'm breaking out all over my face. I usually have pretty clear skin so this is freaking me out. Has anyone heard if it's okay to use ProActive? My sister is recommending it to me, but I want to know if its safe enough to use since it has Salicylic Acid in it. Any suggestions??? HELP!


AshleyB - July 12

I've read that products that contain benzoyl peroxide are ok, but you should stay away from products that use Salicylic Acid. I have had the same problem and I've just been using a cottom ball with rubbing alcohol on it on my problem areas and my face is starting to clear up now. Also some people have suggested Aveeno natural deep cleanser for face. I haven't tried it personally but several women on this site referred it to me. Good luck.


babybird - July 12

My dr. ok'd me to use proactive with my second pregnancy so I used it the whole time. I am using it again with this one. It works wonders!


Perl - July 14

When I went to get a facial at the spa, my esthetician knowing that I was pregnant made recommendations for products she knew to be safe to use during pregnancy. The products are a bit pricey, the line is called "Cosmedix" but you can get cheaper subst_tutes with the same ingredients. Some of the ingredients in the products she recommended that I buy were witch hazel (main ingredient), salicylic acid, aloe vera and other botanical stuff. So I guess salicylic acid is safe but I don't use it every day. I'm not sure what else ProActive has in it, although I've tried it before and found it to be too harsh on my skin to use every day. But to give Proactive some credit-- it did dry out my pimples quick while also drying out my skin----just make sure there's no retin-A type products in it which are off limits during pregnancy. Just a warning, if you do decide to use ProActive and your skin is NOT oily, I would recommend alternating days with a milder cleanser/toner/lotion like maybe one of the Neutrogena formulas or Eucerin hyrating cleanser depending on how oily, dry or sensitive your skin is. My skin is combination (oily chin and nose and dry checks and forehead) so using ProActive every day made my skin feel like it was burning, dry and tight. If your skin is very oily all over then maybe it's okay to use every day.


KLT - July 14

I use Proactive and its working well. I also wash with Cetaphil first. I've also learned that if I stop using the proactive system..then I start breaking out. If i get a bad pimple, I rub in some Neosporin (or Bacitracin) and that actually makes it go away almost overnite. No lie!



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