Placenta Previa Anyone 17 Weeks And Diagnosed Today

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E - October 20

What a day. I ran to the bathroom to find blood and a stringy clot. Went to the doc and an emergency ultrasound confirmed PP. I would love to hear stories of your experiences, good or bad. I like to be prepared. Thanks:) It scared the c__p out of me as I have suffered 2 miscarriages this year and can't imagine losing this baby. I am worried I will be placed on bedrest. Is that a risk?


L - October 21

My prayers are with you. I've not been diagnosed with PP, but it's a concern since i've had bleeding at 14 wks. check the forum for second trimester - bleeding. if i remember right some of those women had PP and were placed on bed rest and/or restricted activity.


E - October 21

Thanks. I went back today and my placenta is covering my cervix quite a bit. The doc tried to tell me she sees this "all the time" yet she stated there are only 10 cases in her office a year. The stats are only like 2.5-5% of pregnancies have PP. I hope it gets better. Fortunately, I don't have to make excuses for not wanting to have s_x much:) LOL!!


milissa - October 21

Dont know much about it, But GOD Bless and GOOD Luck"!


E - October 21

Thanks:) I appreciate it.


Julie Ann - October 26

I just went last week to the ER for bright red bleeding myself. They didn't do much but send me home and I made an appointment the next day with my OB. I have cervical problems so that was my first guess but when they did the u/s it showed not only was the placenta completely covering my cervix but I had a small blood clot on it too. I was 13.5 weeks at the time...well over 14 weeks right now. The doctor I saw is a high risk OB and said he does not diagnose Placenta Previa till after 20 weeks at the soonest. Early in the second trimester the uterus is still growing at a rapid pace and when the uterus grows the placenta moves. He told me to not go onto complete bed rest but to stay off my feet as much as possible to not provoke bleeding and of course no heavy lifting, streneous activies etc. I go in at 16 weeks for another u/s to check my cervix length and to check the placenta. Iv not spotted since but was told if it continued to come back to OB immediately. Btw, baby was completely oblivious on the u/s. Nice strong h/b and even stuck up a foot to see.


E - October 26

Julie, My baby is doing great too and I need to have an US each month to monitor the placenta's movement. My doc did not give me any advice about staying off my feet or lifting stuff. She is sort of the careless type, I am starting to think. I even asked her if the bleeding could have been partly due to the fact that I lifted several heavy boxes days earlier. She shook her head and said no. I do not know what to believe so the best I can do is stay on the safe side and be careful.


mistey - November 2

ive never had this but i would like to send a prayer your way and to wish you luck


lea - January 22

i'm 22wks pregnant..i went for an ultrasound to find out the s_x of the baby and they noticed my placenta was low...their gonna do test on the 1st but the doctor said since i havent experienced bleeding that it should be ok..and that normally as the urterus expands the placenta moves..


New Mexico - January 22

I found out (14 weeks) leaving work.. Yes, It scared the c___p out of me seeing blood.. I've had 2 other times that I've bled.. everyone keeps telling me to take a leave of absence.. But, I can't afford it. (Who really can these days except the elite rich) I'm a average blue collar worker. I'm 16 weeks now and haven't had a episode in 5 days.. But, I'm still cramping alot.. It really feels like I'm on my period.. I have been monitoring my baby's heart beat every morning and every night with a portable doppler.. No drops in beats.. so, I guess that is good..All I can do is be positive and try my best to it easy.. Hopefully the uterus and placenta will get bigger and the situation will correct itself.. I still wonder why it planted itself low??


Heidi - January 27

Hi Ladies! This is my third pregnancy and had to have my placenta monitored during pregnancy number two because it was very low at my first ultra sound (17 weeks or so). I had two subsequent u/s and the placenta had inched its way up each time and all went well. That happens quite a bit. However if you have pp in the third trimester, chances are it won't move.



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