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hasika - August 31

Hello, i am 13 weeks pregnant everything was going ok until, last subday when i start bleeding, the doctor did ultra sound and said the baby is ok, the next day which was yesturday monday, i've noticed some bleeding again i went to another kind of ultrasound thsi time, they have noticed that myt placenta is seperating again and toled me to go home and bed rest, today again i was bleeding the send me to a HIGH RISK PREGNANCY DOCTOR who took a look and toled me to bed rest as well, i dont know if this means god forbid i may misscarry, and trheyre not telling me, i've been home all day laying and a little of blood is still coming out, does this mean i will miscarry? have anyone had a situation like this? oh by the way i also take babyt asprin 81ml because of my blood clots. :o(


CM - August 31

I'm sorry I don't know much about it, but I have two complications, so I know the worry all too well. I will keep you and baby in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes.


Christina - August 31

Hasika, it sounds like a subchorionic hematoma. I had one-- they are very scary!! I pa__sed huge blood clots and bled ALOT! Dr's told me 50/50 chance- but I think they just tell you that so you dont get your hopes up. Actually most bleeds like mine and yours turn out to be okay in the long run. I was on light activity, I drank LOTS of water and along with my prenatals, I took flaxseed oil. My bleeding was completly healed in about 7 or 8 weeks (please keep in mind that I had a very large bleed- yours may heal sooner). Please read the thread in pregnancy complications on subchorionic hematoma. You will find it very helpful. God Bless!


Hasika - August 31

Hey CM & Christina, thank u for u blessings, and just wanted to tell that my bleeding are not heavy, but i am still very worried of having a misscariage, but again thank u


Mary - September 1

Hasika, I am sorry to hear that, last Nov I went through the same thing I bled for a full 4 wks sometimes heavy sometimes not, I had ultrasounds everyweek and was told everything looks ok and nothing I can do, until my last follow up visit the could not detect a heartbeat and saw that my placenta was seperated. They say they can not stop it this early. I stressed out the whole entire time and took it very hard however I am glad to report that I am in my 5 month of pregnancy and everything is ok so far. All I can suggest to you is to hang in there go for your follow up visits and try and stay positive because they did tell me that the placenta can fix it's self if it is seperated. They still are no sure the exact cause of my loss. My prayers are with you.



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