Placentia Previa

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shellster - January 25

I am in my 16 week and an u/s showed a slight case of placentia previa. The Dr said it will probably just go away, but they will have me come back for another u/s in 10 weeks. Well when I got home I looked this up on the internet and it sounds a little scary, saying it could potentially threaten the life of the mother and baby and most of the time a c-section is required...which that part doesn't bother me. But being so early in the pregnancy, I'm a bit concerned so I was wondering if anyone had this? (Maybe I should post this question on the 3rd trimester board, too to see if it really does go away??).


jessicaspatherapist - January 25

my good friend had placenta previa (around the same time your are at about 16 or 17 weeks) her doctors told her the same thing that a c-section may be necessary. they told her to stop lifting weights and to only do light exercise (she was a personal trainer and figure compet_tor pre-pregnancy). she ended up carrying 41 weeks and delivered v____ally with no trouble at i would just take it easy and definitely post on the 3rd tri board.


jessica72 - February 4

Hi Shellster, I had the same situation, so I have monthly u/s to monitor the placenta. I'm now in week 26 and this last u/s showed that it had moved slightly away, which I guess they expect as your uterus stretches. So i bet all will be fine. If it doesn't resolve itself, Alot of what I've read is that as long as you're on top of it, the baby and you will be fine in almost all cases. I agree a c-section isn't really bothersome to me, even though I'd rather go nature's route. Hugs.


danimarie - February 5

Shellster- your case of placenta previa sounds a lot like mine......I had my "big" ultrasound at 19 weeks and they called it marginal placenta previa. The doctor didn't restrict me from doing anything...not even any exercise or weight lifting...she just said she wanted to do a follow up ultrasound at 28 weeks....I just had the ultrasound and it showed my placenta was FAR away from the cervix- it isn't even a concern at all anymore! Don't be scared at all...they should monitor you for it and since they know it is a potential problem you aren't in a life threatening situation. From what I read, it is only potentially life threatening to mother and baby if it hasn't been diagnosed and a v____al delivery is carried out......but yours has been you should be fine! I read a statistic that out of all women who have this diagnosed before 20 weeks, that for over 90% the problem completely goes away by the time you're full term!!!! So don't worry- I'm sure you'll be fine!


wrightofway - February 11

Hi Everyone, Actually... I had the same sort of question. At my 18 week u/s they found a COMPLETE previa. I was told that I could start bleeding anytime between 24 and 32 weeks, and if that did happen, get the hospital pronto. I was told tehy would try to stop the bleeding, but if they couldn't... they may have to deliver the baby early by c-section. I was also told that there is a risk of me needing a complete hysterectomy if I don't stop bleeding once the baby is delivered! I am freaking out! I will have another u/s at 28 weeks to see if the placenta has moved. If not... and if it hasn't moved by 32 weeks... they'll book the c-section. It all scares the c___p out of me!


JulieK - February 11

I had this with my first pregnancy. I wasn't allowed to have s_x, exercise at anything more than a walk or lift anything heavy. It corrected itself by week 32. My doctor told me that 95% of marginal cases self correct, and this proved true in my case. Try not to worry to much, but I know it is hard. As it happens, I had to have a c-section anyway due to the babies large size. Good luck to all of you and congrats on your pregnancies.


jessica72 - February 12

Julie, glad to hear this corrected itself! No pressure to give details, but how was the c-section? I might have to have one too due to a large baby since I might have gestational diabetes. Plus if my previa doesn't go away double the reason. Was it horrible? I'm scared of surgery.


JulieK - February 12

Hi Jessica72. I know how you feel, I was so worried about the possibility of a c-section during most of my first pregnancy, discussing it often brought me to tears. To tell you the truth, I could kick myself now. There are certain risks to a c-section, but in my case the risk was higher for a v____al birth. Here was my experience. I went in on a Monday morning, 3 weeks before our estimated due date, as my son was already 9 pounds and had he gone to term was likely to be 12-13 pounds. He wasn't dropping into position, simply because he couldn't fit. The c-section was at 9:30am and went really well, and the doctor used the incision on my uterus that doesn't rule out future v____al births. I was awake the whole time, and did have some nausea, but they gave me gravol and kept going. My son was born at 10:04am and I was in recovery by 10:30am. The first day I was tired but relatively pain free, and I was able to hold, b___stfeed and enjoy my baby. I was up and slowly walking around the next morning on medication for pain, and I could go home on the Thursday morning. I feel I had a great birth experience, and I was able to care for my child on my own by the second day. As far as pain, yes there was some, the worst of which was moving that first time after the surgery. Now a c-section is by no means my first choice, but I am thankful that the option exists and that I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. As second babies are often larger, I fully expect that a c-section is likely for me with this baby too, and this time it doesn't bother me at all. I hope that helps put your mind at ease some. Best of luck to you!


jessica72 - February 12

Thanks so much Julie. Best of luck to you too :)



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