Playing Music For Your Baby

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g - November 12

just wondering for anyones thats playing music for their baby in the womb are there any suggestions as to which songs or classical artists are better than others?


hc - November 12

I was going to play cla__sical music for my baby, but then I read that it might actually hurt the baby more than do good. The article I read said that when you play music for the baby you might wake it up - which is traumatic for the baby. it would be like waking your newborn up to play music for it! I guess it would work if you wait till times when you feel the baby moving around and is active and therefore awake. I might play music for it then and in that case I would choose cla__sical - soft and happy, not to aggressive music. I have heard that Mozart is supposed to be very good. There are a bunch of baby videos called baby Mozart, just because studies have shown Mozart to be the most beneficial for the development of the baby.Good luc


to hc - November 12

Before the baby starts kicking obviously but after baby can hear already, do you know if there's a better time to sing to or play music for babies than others? Like late at night when babies are more active anyway?


Emy - November 12

I read the same thing that hc read. Apparently the music can wake the baby up (at any age) and interupt the natural brain development that is going on in the womb. It is hard to know when your baby is awake. I have started singing a lot because the baby hears my voice anyways and I want to get her used to have me sing her lullabies, etc. As far weas the best time to play it, I don't know. Just because she is kicking I am not sure if she is awake or just changing positions. Anyways, just wanted to throw my 2 cents in...


Lindsay - November 13

Wouldn't the baby be able to sleep and pa__sively hear soft cla__sical music? If the waking was so bad for a fetus, wouldn't they warn pregnant women to never go to concerts or loud movies or play the piano? Just wondering...


Hi - November 13

I listen to headphones all day at work not loud or anything but it's mostly rock music. Think this would be a problem?


Petra - November 14

I've read that it's not best to put headphones on your belly - that can be overstimulating for the little one. I don't know which artists might be more ideal than others, but find something you enjoy and play it on your home stereo....the baby will hear it when he or she isn't snoozing.


Jennifer - November 14

I just play the radio or other kind of music I enjoy and sing along to it. this doesn't differ from my pre-pregnancy activity, so I don't think it hurts anything. I'm secretly hoping that me singing will get him or her to know what singing in tune sounds like, since his or her dad's entire family is tone deaf! :)


Emy - November 14

Lindsay, to answer your question. I don't know about piano playing, but they do warn women (at least from what I have read online) to take it easy on the rock concerts.



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