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d - October 20

Hello all. I am sorry to bring this to your area no one seems to answer. Anyone not get a bfp and was pregnant. I got a faint line on sunday the 16th. Hubby saw it too, so I am not crazy. that was when af was due. Then i got a negative tues She has not shown her face and I am soo happy. So I have a drs. appt for nov 14 (as they said over the phone) for a internal and a ultrasound. I'm thinking that they are assuming that I am pg cause of the dates. So as asked anyone only get faint lines or nothing at all? Any advice. The bb's hurt soo bad that I could scream when I walk. I can see veins clear as day. creamy white disharge that I have never had before, not even before af was due. mild cramping. I keep trying to get gravity to kick in if i am not pg. but nothing.. Any thoughts ladies. I think if finally happened. I just don't want to get too excited and not be. My period is never late like this. always have been right on the date and to the hour. 28days.last period sept 18


Debi - October 20

Ask your doctor to check your HCG levels. This will tell you for sure, you won't have to keep wondering. Sounds like it could be promising though. Good luck.


d - October 20



bean - October 20

d- what kind of hpt tests are you using? Are they good quality - sometimes those internet cheapies give very mixed feedback. All your signs sound like congratulations are in order! Also sounds like by the time you get to the dct you'll be nearly 8 weeks - that's awesome! That means they'll be able to see the heartbeat on the ultrasound! Good luck!


d - October 20

Hey bean, Well I used new choice and first reponse. I think I may just be one of those lucky ones who cannot get a good second line. A lady i know she said she was pg and kept testing but kept on being negative...she finally found out she was but the peesticks didn't work for her either.. I thank you so much for you input, and as said I am sorry to be here on your forum. a couple weeks to early.. i don't even know if i should be on the pg ones. Something tells me I am pg. and at the same time i don't want to have my hopes up so high. thanks so much for all your good thoughts.


d - October 20

lol. yesterday i got a canker sore out of no where. Sorry if this is TMI but without eating anything that causes bad gas, I am having such bad gas.I can't figure it out.. sorry if that was tmi. But the cakersore, feverblister thing is something.


Beth - October 20

I got a negative home pregnancy test, so I went to the medicentre and they did bloodwork and a urine test then told me I was pregnant, I'm the only one I've ever spoken to where I've been lied too! Scared a bunch of my friends who've had scares and relied on these tests. Go to a medicentre and get some tests done they'll be able to tell you for sure.


ry - October 20

hi d, i think debi and bean are right, you should get a decent pg test and test first thing in the morning when your urine is least diluted and see what that says (get a pack with 2 tests so you can be sure) and if possible have your dr test your hcg levels just so you are not going crazy not knowing until you go to the dr. if af doesnt show up. good luck, keep us posted!


d - October 20

will do. thanks.. what i can't understand is why is the dr having me wait until then, instead of me going in for blood work now. alittle less than 4 weeks to go. I will do the urine test again too.


Mary - October 20

a great site you can go to is it has pictures of pregnancy tests, how much hormone each test needs and things like that. Helped me find out I was pregnant. It says even a faint line you can barely see is a positive. I think your pregnant. Congratualtions!!!



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