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jb - October 9

I am in so much pain. I cant get any sleep. When I sleep on my left side with a pillow between my legs as recommended my RIGHT hips aches!! When I sleep on my right side my left side aches. Sleeping on my back is the only remedy for this but it makes my back hurt. It feels like muscle pain in my back. I woke this morning feeling sore like Ive been beat up. I also wake up with a headache most mornings. I just took some tylenol and its starting to help. What is causing all this pain while I am sleeping and what can help it?!?!?! I am only 21 almost 22 weeks and showing quite a bit.


Em - October 9

I have the same problem and what helped was to put a board under the mattress. Turns out that my mattress was too soft. could this be your problem?


Rachel. R - October 9

I had that problem too... but when i was about 15 weeks... it turns out i needed a whole new mattress(bed) We went and bought one, cost $1000 for an ensemble, but im SO glad we did. oh i could feel a change the first night i slept on the new one, even being a bit stiff and new, it was a complete relief, i have slept alot better, and have woken with only 1 back ache instead of one every day.


jb - October 9

Hmm... maybe its the mattress. Our mattress is about 5 years old, but it was a very expensive one. We take good care of it by flipping and spinning it around once and a while to keep it from getting worn in just the places we lay. It soft but not too soft. Maybe I will try the board thing. I am dreading tonight, I dont want to be in pain all night or go to work feeling all beat up. Thanks for the responses Em and Rachel.


Brooke - October 10

Oh my gosh I have the same problem, but I know it is not the matress. Ours is fairly new and I love it. When I lay on my sides(even with a pillow between my knees) I get horrible aches in my hips and legs. It is so uncomfortable. I am 25 weeks so I can't lay on my back. I toss and turn all night long. And to make everything worse, my husband snores. I feel so sleep deprived but I don't know what do to. I usually wake up every hour.


jb - October 10

Brooke, Glad Im not the only one. Last night was a little bit better. I had to sleep on my back most of the night and it is a little sore but not too sore. I just cant take laying on my sides and having my hips ache like that. I was up for about and hour between 2:30 and 3:30 just my mind racing. Good luck to you. We may never get a good nights sleep again, especially after the babies ;o)


K - October 11

I thought I was going crazy. I have the same problem and our mattress is great so that's not it. I thought it was because I have been a back sleeper for years and I am just not used to sleeping on my side. I wake up with horrible pain in my hips when I lay on my side and sometimes pain in my shoulders too. Mine is the hip and shoulder I'm laying on that hurts. I've tried pillows in every position (Between the knees, under the hip, under the abdomen) and nothing helps. After a really bad night, I put a fluffy down comforter completely under me on my side of the bed hoping the softness would help, and it did help with the pain, but I was still uncomfortable and tossing and turning. My doctor told me that the literature about back sleeping is somewhat of a myth, and that I could continue to sleep on my back if I put a pillow under part or all of my lower back for support. That helps some, but that is not exactly comfortable either. I'm only 19 weeks now and I didn't figure I would have trouble sleeping until the 3rd trimester. I know it is going to get worse the bigger I get and the bigger the baby gets when she is moving around at night. If anyone has any good ideas to help get some relief, I would love it.



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