Please Help Military Wives

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mindymay - June 21

i need to vent a bit and get some info. my husband is not in the military, but is looking at a job as a civilian to help the army in kuwait. we are having our first baby and if he leaves he wont even see our son be born. and then he will be gone a whole year. i will not moving to quwait with him. but i hate the whole idea. how do you all handle it? all i seem to do is keep crying. my husband knows i hate this idea, but knows i wont hold him back either. again please help i know i sent this to 3rd tri as well but in need guidance


preggosauce - June 21

mindy- I'm a military wife...My husband is in the ARMY...he was in Afghanistan in 2004 for a year, and now next month he is being sent to Iraq for another year. Our first baby is due October 2nd. So he won't be here for the birth either. Honestly, I don't know how I'm going to handle it....I'm devastated that he will miss the birth, and If I think about it too long I break down...but there is nothing I can do about him being deployed, and I realize this is his dream job. It would be even harder if I knew he was against going to Iraq and the ARMY was still sending him, but I know he's doing what he loves, and that helps. My advice for us both is, be strong for your baby....It sounds stupid but I think of my baby and me as a team...and we'll pull through this together. I've learned over past deployments, that even when you think you can't handle it, once they are gone you end up being stronger then you thought!! Good luck! if you need to chat you can e-mail me at [email protected]


carol23 - June 21

mindymay, I too am a military wife, but my husband is in the Air Force so they only deploy for 6 months at a time (depending on career field). My husband was deployed to Iraq last year (and gone TDY several times)but I was not pregnant at the time. As a matter of fact, in the past two years, he's only been home for about 7 months combined. He was actually gone for 3 months out of my pregnancy and it was a lot easier than I though (having great friends really helps)I can't even imagine what Army wives go through. Well, as far as his Iraq deployment (his longest)for me, the first two weeks were the toughest. We're stationed overseas, and I couldn't go back to the states because of my job, so I stayed here all alone. Considering that you're pregnant, I would say that you have a family member come stay w/you, or you go stay with family. If not, then just keep yourself busy. Trust me, time does go by really fast. I learned a lot about myself while my hubby was gone. I am WAY more independent than I ever thought! You'll be surprised at your own strength!!


Rebekah B - June 22

Hi there I responded to the 3rd tri forum.



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