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sam76 - February 11

Hi ladies, has anyone on here had cone biopsy when had laser treatment for abnormal cells, and gone to term without have a cervical st_tch and had no problems. Im not having much luck im 15 weeks have a low lying placenta, im GBS+ and now this, im not going to be seen by my consultant till im 25 weeks. Ive read all the horror stories on the net about second trimester miscarriage caused by incompentant cervix i'm really scarred. Any advice would be greatx


ekay03 - February 11

I'm not sure if this is the same thing, but I had a colposcopy (froze cells) due to abnormal cells and them carried a healthy baby to full term and I am now 14 weeks again. Sorry if that's not what you are asking, but I hope that helps. :-)


sam76 - February 11

Yes it is thanks for replyingx


sam76 - February 11

Ive just done some research on the net and its different, I had a colposcopy then they cut the bad cells away and sent them to the labs. Thanks for replying thoughx


gabby509 - February 11

Sam, I had somehing similar done a year ago. I was bleeding alot after s_x, and they did a colposcopy and were alarmed with the way the cells looked. Then I had to go in and have the abnormal cells removed and tested, and fortunately everything came back ok. But I ma now 23 weeks pregnant and (knock on wood) have not had complications. My doctor isn't even concerned about it. Also try to tell yourself that the internet is a scary place. And most of the "facts" are incorrect. Try to stay positive and take care of yourself and your lo will be just fine.


Heather - February 11

I have had it done and had a healthy pregnancy with my now 2 year old son. I am now 14 weeks and my doctor is just keeping a close eye on my cervix. I have had a sono at every appointment to measure my cervix. I didn't have to have a st_tch with my son and I'm hoping I don't with this one either. The internet is very scary sometimes. I am sure you will do just fine.



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