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red87 - April 2

OK so I am 26 weeks pregnant with anterior placenta and for the past week or so I havent been feeling my baby's kicks quite as hard as I used to (which wasn't very hard to begin with - i am assuming because of the anterior placenta) and today she seems to be SO lazy like I havent felt her move hardly at all and it worries me so much!! I went to my doctor today for my monthly visit and told him about her kicks not being as hard and he said it was simply because she was running out of room in there but it still scared me because today she has been less active than she has been since around 20-21 weeks. I do kick counts sometimes and always get the 10 kicks in about 30 mins or less but as far as feeling her throughout the day she has hardly moved at all - I love feeling her move around in there so Im just a little scared and wanted to know if any of you have experienced this or if you think its normal?? I should also mention that her heartrate today was 146 which is normal for her as she is usually around 145-150 but when the doctor checked it he said that it was a little low for a second when he first started listening but then picked right up to 146... Also, everything is measuring normal in the ultrasound.... Please let me know what you all think...


softbreeze200 - April 3

Hi Red. I am 22w and also have an anterior placenta. Iahve found movement to be able to be felt relativly good till now, but there are days that I rarely feel her move at all. I asked the dr about it and she said soemtimes, with that cushion depending on if the baby is directing its movements right into the center of it, you may not feel it at all. I think it all depends on the position of baby. I wouldn't worry as long as you are feeling the movements and the heartrate is normal. But as always, check in with the dr about it if it is still making you nervous! :)


mom_of_1 - April 3

I would say everything sounds normal. They do get to big to move as much. They tend to find a comfy spot and stay there. If you are really worried, try drinking something sugary or caffinated, then lie down and rest, like on your side. This seemed to always work with my first one :) I bet you and her are just fine :) Enjoy this time of comfort on your part, soon she will be out of room totally and kicking and hitting your tummy HARD to make room!



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