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scarlett - July 8

Hi ladies, I was wondering if any of you have the same experience as me. Since my 22nd to 23rd week, I've been having lower back pain(left, middle and right side) if I sit/walk for too long, or when I shift positions during sleep. I'm now in my 24th week, and this morning while I was getting up from the toilet seat, it felt unsually difficult and my tummy semed unusually heavy. A few seconds later, a *sharp, piercing, unbearable pain* shoots up from the bottom of my spine right in the middle. I'm still in pain as I'm typing this out. I can't sit/stand/shift positions or it will hurt *like h__l*. I tried to just lie down but it still hurts, and I can't enter or get out of my car without having to go through the sharp pains again. Has anyone ever had this? If it doesn't go away by the end of the day, I will see the doctor. But I would like to know if there's anyone else who has this too, and whether it's normal. Your insight will be greatly appreciated.


CaliTrish - July 12

I started getting lower back pain about 22 weeks as well. I couldn't sit at work for more than a couple hours and Tylenol did absolutely nothing. Saw the doc and she put me on actively rest for the remainder of the week - lie down for a couple hours, get up for a couple hours, etc. I had my office chair adjusted so I sit up straighter. I also bought a simple maternity support belt from Motherhood. Now at almost 28 weeks, my lower back just twinges a little at the end of the day. I found a heating pad helps soothe the pain. Sounds like your case is a little more extreme. Definitely check with your doc if it persists. You might be pinching a nerve or something.


MM - July 12

I'm just over 22 weeks & a few days ago I went to work where I was on my feet for almost 6 hours. I lay down for 15 minutes or so & then got up to have dinner - but I had severe back pain - I almost couldn't walk it was so bad - had to limp & hold on to things for support.



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