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Angela M - June 14

With my first child, I was a perfect size 12 when I got pregnant, and started "showing" around 5 months like I was REALLY pregnant. Well, my clothes had also been getting gradually tighter. This time however, I wear and have worn a size 18 to 20 since well before I conceived the baby. I'm not changing sizes at all, in fact I'm still losing weight. Is anyone else dropping pounds while still eating like you're supposed to? And, if you happen to be a mom to be with more to love, when did you start "showing"?? I'm just wondering if I'm ever going to LOOK like I'm pregnant. Btw... I'm almost at 15 weeks. I'd appreciate any imput.


HannahBaby - June 14

well hon, your only 15 weeks, even alot of slender people dont show at 15 weeks im a litlte over 5 months (im 23 weeks) and am a size 12 (i can still wear my jeans) but look really pregnant. Doctors say there is a huge growth spurt for baby around 17-21 weeks. So be patient, you are still pretty early to be showing.


sunshyne9 - June 14

Hey angela.. Im also a plus size woman.. and well with my first baby I started really showing about 7 months or so, I mean you could tlel if youknewme.. but otherwise probably thought I was just more overweight than normal.. and I hated that.. Now im 17w along and kinda sticking out.. but again just feel like people might think im bigger than normal.. Its something I guess we have to go through.I don't fit into my regular clothes thuogh.. and i can feel the bump well, but just feel FAT lol Ohh man.. what we go through.. Hope this kinda helps.. don't worrywe will get there lol


lexy - June 14

hey, i am also an 18 and this is my second child. i have lost around 10lbs and am haven't been able to wear any of my normal jeans. i am wearing maternity shorts, but not the full panel. i am just now starting to have a pooch, but then my upper stomach is getting smaller. i guess from the shift in my body. i am 15w5d. you will show soon. good luck.


sophandbob - June 14

i'm a big woman, and started showing a little more rounder at 5 months. I now look 9 months gone, even tho I'm 7! I love the fact that i now look pregnany, rather than just fat. However, am getting a bit tired of saying "no, it definitely isn't twins!"


Mingill - June 14

As a plus sized mommy to be, I started showing around 5 months. Now, at 27 weeks I've got a nice baby belly going on.


mandee25 - June 14

I am 17w 5d pregnant and I started showing a few weeks ago but I was about 35 lbs overweight when I first got pregnant.


Angela M - June 14

I'm sort of along those lines too of where "I just feel fatter". Thanks for all the help so far and I guess I'll just have to be patient for the next couple of weeks or so and see what happens. Maybe I'm just impatient because I feel like a lot of people are looking at me like I'm just packing on the pounds, even though I'm losing, and family and friends questioning the fact that I'm constantly wanting something to eat. The only time I "look" pregnant is when I'm in a swimsuit, so I guess I'm part of the way there. I can sort of tell that I have a bit of a bump when I'm lying down. I pray I can find patience, seeing that I'm just barely a few weeks shy of the halfway point of this pregnancy.


mindymay - June 14

hey, dont worry, i am 23 weeks preg. and when i got pregnant i was a size 22/24. i am still losing weight, and the doc says that since i was a thick skinned woman, it wont hurt that i am losing weight as long as i am eating right and all. every pregnancy is different, with every pregnancy we will grow differently as well, so unless the doc says something just enjoy this pregnancy.


Taffy - June 14

I'm also cuddly! I was a UK size 18 (US size 16) and have lost over a stone in weight since being pregnant. I'm now 22.5 weeks and definately look pregnant but it only became obvious to strangers about a week ago. Before I know I looked bigger even though I lost weight but I didn't care as I know (and the ppl who matter to me know) that I'm pregnant. I'm expecting to actually weigh less after the birth as my eating habits are so much better now and I hope that they stay that way.


MyFirst - June 14

I was a 14 pre-pregnancy. Now at 23 weeks some people say I look pregnant finally and others still say they can't tell. I think it just looks like I have gotten fatter not pregnant. Let's see what happens.



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