Plus Size Pregnancy Q S

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aafinden - January 29

I am (was a 16/18)before pregnancy. I am now17 weeks along. I was just wondering when you started showing and also when you felt the baby, because I know it is different when you are plus size, and I am so anxious for both...this is my first. Thanks, and any other advice or wisdom is always appreciated


krissy1980 - January 29

How tall are you? I am 5'10 and I was a 16/18 befor I got pregnant.I am now 25 weeks pregnant and over the past wk or 2 really just have started to feel real strong kicks at times.I really never felt the "flutters" I don't think.It went from me feeling nothing to feeling semi hard kicks.Also I have just started to show where other ppl can reconize it within the past 2 to 3 wks.Hope this helps.This is also my first pregnancy.


pk74 - January 31

Hi girls! I too was a 14/16 before pregnancy. I am now 18w 4d and have been feeling movement for the last two weeks - this is my third baby. I've been wearing maternity pants for awhile but have just started wearing maternity shirts this week. Do ya'll know if you're having a boy or girl yet? We're finding out in a few weeks and I'm really excited! Good luck to everyone!


krissy1980 - February 1

I am having a boy:) And way excited about it.I see everyone say how they feel their baby ALL the time..I don't though, kinda worries me..I do feel him just about everyday, of course somedays more than others..It's for sure, rea__suring when I do feel him..just wish I could alil bit more often.


pk74 - February 5

krissy - I wouldn't worry. You may not feel it as much especially since this is your first. Also, some babies are not as active as others. I'm sure once the baby gets bigger you'll feel it much more. It's great news that you are having a boy. I already have a boy and a girl so it really doesn't matter what this one is - I just want to know! We haven't bought anything yet and I'm getting impatient.



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