POLL Workouts What Do You Do And When Did You Start

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Dia - February 5

Hi ladies! I am REALLY wanting to workout...I did sporadically prepregnancy - about 3-5 times a week. Well, I had a really bad morning sickness for the first 17-18 weeks and was barely able to even move. Well, I am 21.5 weeks now and really want to begin walking about a mile 3 days a week to get back into but I am having a really hard time. Okay - to be totally honest I am being a big fat lazy slob :) I was about 172 prepregnancy and am about 192 now (gained 20 lbs in 21 weeks...) so I want to start working out. Just thought I would see what you ladies do...how often you do it...and when did you start?? Thanks!


TM - February 6

Hi Dia! I am almost 22 weeks. I walk about 4-5 times a week, just briskly, for about 30-40 mins at a time. I used to walk and jog, lift weights and swim prepregnancy, so I was pretty active. During my first trimester i still walked, but not as much since I felt nauseated and tired all the time. I also lift light weights still, like 5 lbs, to keep my upper body in some sort of shape, if thats possible! I have found that walking really helps me keep my mood up and feel better through my pregnancy. I do get a little frustrated at times because I don't have the energy I used to, you know like I have to slow down more now or quit sooner than I wanted to because I get tired. When the weather warms up, which will be in the last couple of months of my pregnancy, I hope to start swimming again, which is a great exercise when you are pregnant, it will be nice to be weightless! I am also wanting to get some yoga dvds and try that for a change. I think walking is a great idea, anything you do like that is good for you. Just take it easy with the pace because you might realize you don't have the energy you did before!


^lucy^ - February 6

Hi Dia,, Im 2 days away from 25 weeks.. i had a terrible all day sickness in my first 15-16 weeks as well and couldnt move.. now,, i walk mainly in malls about twice a week for 2 hours.. but make sure to take some rest cz when i walked 3 whole hours ( i was shopping that time :p ) the next morning i couldnt move from my very bad back pain.. its recommended to walk a lot in the 9th month since it helps with all those labor stuff.. also,, swimming is very good for the pregnant women.. im getting a membership in a gym during the next week and will start to swim once a week,, if u can do it more it would be good but for me i have a full time job and dont really have time to swim more than once a week,, just take care not to bump into people while swimming and no diving ofcourse.. just smooth swimming and excercising in the water will be good :) but ask ur doctor first,, this is what im planning to do before getting involved into anything.. i think when im in the 9th month i'll be taking excercising more seriously since im planning to go natural and walking is really good for all ur muscles :) good luck


Em - February 6

I work out 6 days a week: 4 x hillclimb at an 11% incline, starting with 3.75 m/h, then progressing to 4.5 m/h this for an hour, plus 10 mins warmup; I also do spinning twice a week for the same length in time. I used to be really fit before i got pregnant, then hardly did anything during the first 3 months...So, basically, i started putting a bit more effort in after wk 12, i think...Now i'm 23.5 wks and i'm still in good shape...Oh yeah, i also do weights 3 times a week on average...Good luck with your workouts!!!


skn331 - February 6

I have never been an over achiever... so my workouts cosist of the minimum to stay healthy. I walk 30 minutes 4 or 5 days a week on a treadmill. Comfortable pace, not taxing at all. I dont sweat. This has helped my blood pressure (it was a bit high) get to normal. I also think it helps with constipation and sleeping at night. I know I could do more, but I just focus on what I DO accomplish instead of what I don't. I could be sitting on my a__s all the time!


krc - February 6

Anybody swim laps? Will that help me keep fit during pregnancy? I gained my 1st 5 lbs in one week at 14 weeks pregnant and I dont know if Im gonna keep on gaining at that pace or not. But I dont exercise either. Any info on swimming would be great!


TM - February 6

krc, swimming is great for pregnant women, it is little to no impact and great for your muscles(with the water resistance) Also, you are weightless, which will feel great for a change! Just check with your doctor to get the go ahead. There are probably water aerobics you can do (for pregnant women)


Tillie - February 6

I was really fit pre-pregnancy and then went straight to bed at 8 weeks with awful morning sickness and didn't get up until week 17! To ease back in, I'm going to a pre-natal yoga cla__s twice a week. It's AMAZING--I recommend it to everyone. Not only is it a cla__s full of excited pregnant women, but you spend an entire hour stretching muscles you never knew you had and doing light strengthening that makes you feel so much leaner. When I leave cla__s, I feel high from the endorphins. I also try to swim twice a week--can't say enough good stuff about swimming pregnant.


newmom24 - February 7

Hi there- I am 26 almost 27 weeks. I was extremely fit and active before I became pregnant, so I still am. I train 5-6 days a week, weights 4 times a week ( split up my workouts), cardio intervals to lower key is 5- 6 days a week. I just listen to my bod. If you are starting to be active in your pregnancy, take it easy. Walking isgreat! You can always increase or decrease the intensity. Remember your strength trianing too. does not have to be weights per say. Good job for getting out there. I do find that not all days are easy , but once you get going, it feels great!



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