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Dia - January 5

Hi everyone! DH and I just found out we are having a boy and we are very excited. I have always loved Classic Pooh and we are going with that for our nursery. Target has a great classic pooh line....just wondering what everyone else is going to do? Also, when do you plan to start? Thanks!!!


Stephanie - January 5

We are having a little girl and decided to go with the Starlight theme from Wendy Bellisimo. It's a little pricey, but it will be worth it!


MooBaby - January 5

I am only 17 weeks but recently found out we were having a boy! I love the pooh thing and think its very cla__sic - good choice. I think we are going to go with the Farm Animal theme from Pottery Barn - yes its over priced but I can't resist those cute little animals! I have the same dilemma - when to start decorating? I want to do it now but people say its early... I just want to think happy thoughts and move forward with life!!


Celine - January 5

I am 20 weeks and Dh and I have picked a Jungle theme. I love elephants and had to get them in there somehow!


Tiffany - January 5

Celine i too am going to do the jungle theme. I love monkeys so there going to be all in there!


Cathy - January 5

My dh and i are going to do Western for our boy. I have found some really cute stuff!


Angela - January 5

For our lil girl we are using Lambs & Ivy's Froggy Tales. I picked i t before we knew the s_x. Its very gender neutral. Light yellow, green, blue gingham and has chicks, frogs, turtles, and dragon flys.


Tess - January 5

Wow! Im jealous....we dont have a spare room to have a nursery for my baby. *sob* so he/she will be sleeping in our room w/ his/her crib. Im due in May and Im plannin on registering probably end of next month or so....have fun ladies!


ry - January 5

Hi everyone! The s_x of our baby is a suprise so we are doing a froggy theme in sage green, yellow, and light blue. Then when baby is here we will either incorporate more pink or blue.


karen - January 5

Angela and ry, we are doing the same thing. We painted the room sage green before we knew the s_x, but now we know it's a girl and our favorite bedding is still the Froggy Tales. I had decided I wanted to do frogs before we started looking, and I had no idea there was so much frog stuff to choose from! We thought we can use it again later if we have a boy at some point.


Joanne - January 5

We're doing the Train Junction nursery bedding from Pottery Barn Kids.


Alycia - January 5

MooBaby - We are also doing the Farmyard Friends from Pottery Barn, but we got ours new on eBay. Do check it out! The prices are really good. It may take a few weeks to get everything in the set (it did for us), but you have time!


sara b - January 5

HAHA I didn't find out the s_x till 1.5 months before she came because she wouldn't cooperate with the u/s tech. Decided on whinney the pooh (new, not cla__sic) and bought most of it at wal-mart. Worked wonderfully as I also painted a mural of Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger, and Rabbit on the wall. My SIL is doing teddy bears for her girl. Best wishes all.


ry - January 5

Hey when are you guys starting the nurserys if you havent already? I plan on starting mine at 30 wks, i am about 27 now.


mama-beans - January 5

**Ahh yes, but the discussion opened on this thread was about which decor you plan to use, not wether or not you plan to use any. I find it odd that you, who are not planning to use a Nursery Theme, felt the need to come on this thread and sneer at those that choose to do so. Odd. ** I won't be planning ANY nursery decor until we know who we are having! I really enjoy bold colors so don't want to paint any walls until I know what color I should paint them! If a boy, I think I will go with a farm animal theme, and a girl will get something absurdly girly.. probably watermellon red with lime green accents and flowers... that kind of thing. I had SUCH fun pa__sing time my last pregnancy decorating her nursery and making a nice "nest" for her to come home to.. I really look forward to doing the same with this one!


Ashley - January 5

I'm 19 weeks and i find out the 18th (hopefully) what the s_x is! If its a boy--i want to do Ohio State Football theme---we love our buckeyes!! If its a girl then we want to do lady bugs!


J - January 6

We found out we are having a boy and plan on doing an adorable sports theme from Babys R Us. It was so hard to choose, I love the frog themes that I have seen, they are so cute!!



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