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chrissy - October 14

we're going with winnie the pooh. neutral because were not going to find out the s_x of our baby. what does your nursury look like? Or going to look like?


Beth - October 14

I love winnie the pooh but my bf says too many people have it, so I go out and sneak a few items in, I got these adorable whit onesies from walmart that are winnie the pooh, it's great because I don't know the s_x, I think we're going to go mixed, we can't paint because we're renting, so we're going to put up lots of framed pictures, and there's lots of winnie the pooh one's out there, I would love to stick to one theme but it's going to be an everything room, we have this adorable aquarium playpen, we set it up last night, I'm so excited. I hope it doesn't look like c___p in the end because we didn't pick just one theme though, what do you guys think?


shelley - October 14

How funny, we picked "Peek A Pooh" from Babies R Us because it is neutral..... It was about the ONLY neutral set we could find. Have fun setting up!!


ry - October 14

when is a good time to set up the nursery? also do any of you know if it is safe for us to paint?


kl - October 14

i love pooh...we went with the blue jean teddy bear theme


Jean - October 14

Our crib bedding is lavendar gingham and we are going to have lots of frogs in the room, and dragonflies.


jb - October 14

I think we are doing the Gossamer Wings set from Babies R Us for our little girl. It has pink, purple, blue, and yellow pastel colors with b___terflies on it. IT is so cute!! Beth, I dont think it will look weird b/c you didnt pick one theme. Just make sure everything kinda goes together somehow.


jamie - October 14

I am not going with a "theme," I have never liked any of them for some reason. For a boy we'll do dark blue, for a girl a maroon color. The crib is cherry so it's hard to match the dark colors with that.


stacey - October 15

We are doing Cla__sic Winnie the Poo as well :) Target has an adorable set :) The walls are painted green, and they have border and wall decals we will put up. Jean- yours sounds gorgeous!


kr - October 15

My DH is crazy for huge evergreens and loggers. In a few months he will have to share his tree/map covered office with a little girl. He picked out her theme at babies are us, zanzibar, a monkey,zebra,alligator, safari kind of thing. I hope those two get along


Lisa - October 15

Ours is going to be a beach/tropical theme as the rest of our house is like that. We've got some fun bedsheets and blankets and all that, anything happy looking in there with fun colours and patterns. It looks really cool.


Maggie - October 15

We are going with Macy's Ladybug bedroom. We are having a girl, but we didn't want to do the powder pink thing. This set is black, white, and red with a green trim. I love it because its still really girly!


Lisa - To Maggie - October 15

I love the lady bug theme! Really cute idea and the colours will look great!


kah - October 15

I am having a boy and I am sooo not a teddy bear, fire truck, noah's ark kinda gal. So I am having the bedding custom made. With really cute whimsical fabrics with all sorts of bright colors, then it will sort of have a "beachy/surf" look. I found that it wasnt much more expensive to do go custom than some of the bedding sets! And at least I will get what I want! http://www.housefabric.com/ProductDetail.asp?ProductID=3818 and http://www.housefabric.com/ProductDetail.asp?ProductID=3817 (take out the dashes) are my fabrics if anyone cares to take a peek! Good luck to you all!


Lisa - To kah - October 15

I really like your fabrics! I am the same way, I'm not into the cutsey things like that either. They also had some nice tropical patterns there too. I bought some fabric which I am going to make some bedding and pillows and curtains out of as well...one had a yellow background with palm trees and monkeys on it and I bought some colbalt blue fringe to go around it. It looks great. I also bought some others as well but Im waiting to get the crib before I start the sewing. I love the tropical/beach/nautical themes as well! Great choice!


ry - October 15

i love this thread, so many good ideas! it is so hard to do a nursery all neutral!


Tara - October 17

My husband and I are having a boy and we are going with Glenna Jean's nautical theme called Ship's Ahoy. It is maroon, cream and blue denim and it has sali boats.



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