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Lyla - December 16

Hi guys! Just thought I would take a poll of what crib you bought, how much it was, and where you got it...if you don't mind! I am starting to look for furniture and would like to get some advice on what you ladies bought. Thanks!!


lc - December 16

I would like to know the answer to this too. I am looking for a black crib and haven't seen any that don't look cheap.


karine - December 16

walmart- 130$ plus the mattress


bean - December 16

I like a Jardine crib at Babies R Us. It's $199, but in February a coupon book comes out and there should be a $25 coupon for furniture. So I'm waiting till then to actually pick it up. BRU carries pretty decent quality cribs in white, cherry, and pine colors - priced anywhere from $100 and up...


Tess - December 16

What Im plannin on getting for my baby isnt really like a crib type.....its more of liek a playpen that has the cushion on top so you can lay the baby there when he/she is asleep.....I saw one that I like at Target or either at Walmart....it has this little cute designs of baby pins n stuff.


erin - December 16

My baby will be sleeping in our playpen. We tried a crib with our first son and found that we just didn't like cribs. We didn't have bumper pads and his arms kept getting stuck in the rails. We just love the fact that a playpen's sides are all mesh so the baby can roll around as much as he wants and not get hurt. It's a great alternative to buying a crib.


April - December 16

Tess - I have one of those also, but keep in mind that you can only use those up to 15 pounds, give or take - so you need to have a plan for after that.


Tess to April - December 16

Oh really? I didnt know that.....I have a friend w/ twins boys and theyre about 12-13 mos old and they can still use those playpen.....Hmmmm I wonder how big they are though. I like those playpen so you can fold them and move it around the house.....compare to a crib that is heavy. But thats just my personal opinion.


Lyd - December 16

That is a good idea about the play pin. We will be moving from our apartment one to two months after the baby, so that might work great!


H - December 16

I had triplets so I had to always buy three of everything. When that happens you can't go too fancy but of course you want something dependable. I opted for three Simmons cribs. I don't remember what they cost but they were very reasonable and I got them at Babys are Us. They would have a good sellection of well known brand furniture at reasonable prices. I would check there for a good comperison.


Becky - December 16

We got ours at USA Baby. It is a Baby's Dream (Infinity collection). It was $300 (thanks to a coupon found on Baby's Dream's website), and it converts to a full size bed with head- and footboard (conversion kit is extra). The crib is really cute, and the bed looks like a normal bed, not a "converted crib." We plan on taking it for ourselves once they outgrow it. We also got the 5-drawer dresser that matches, for 480 or so. High quality furniture.......we might take that dresser, too! We did most of our research based on the book Baby Bargains (ISBN: 1889392146, although a newer edition is now out). I bought the book used from amazon.com for a couple bucks, and it is great! It gives info and comparisons on all brands of baby items (similar to a Consumer Reports). I would suggest first buying and reading the book, THEN starting your shopping. You'll really learn a lot from it. It also gives lists of what you really need and what you can expect to spend on it. Super book for a research-before-you-buy person like me. To Ic........USA Baby carries A LOT of different brands and styles of cribs, and I did see a few black ones that were really nice looking. Good luck.


Lyla - December 16

Thanks for the answers ladies! You all gave me some great alternatives that I will definitely think about. Becky ~ thanks for the info on that book - I have been looking for something like it. I will definitely be buying that!!


April - December 16

Tess- I thought you were talking about the play pens that have the ba__sinet on top (pac and plays) - i doubt there's a weight limit to just the play pen.



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