Poll Who Is Exercising

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Emy - October 4

I am just wondering how many of you ladies are exercising and what kind of exercise you are doing...TIA for your answers..


R - October 4

Hi I walk for about 15 minutes a day. I know that's not much right...lol


Tess - October 4

At least you are doing something R. I am doing nothing other than take the stairs instead of the elevator...lol...Is anyone lazier than me?


Lisa - October 4

I do lots of walking as well... I've been wanting to go to my gym and lift weights to keep my arms toned through this but I have not made it yet. May be today!!


Amanda O - October 4

I do 40 minutes of cardio 5 times a week. I either walk on the treadmill, do stationary bike, or the elliptical machine. I feel so much better on the days that I exercise! I started up with the exercise at about 10 weeks-I was way too tired in the beginning to do anything! ( I am 25 weeks now).


Amy - October 4

I use to run, bike, swim and lift weights. I now walk 4 miles / 4 x per week. I try to bike (stationary bike) at least once a week and lift weights once a week. I have heard swimming is really good but I can't get motivated to swim unless it is really hot outside... Oh, and I do pre-natal yoga once a week.


Maggie - October 4

I have a 5 year old and live in nyc so I don't own a car. Taking him to school, soccer, Nana's house, and the million and one other things I have to do, thats all the exercise I need.


Maggie - October 4

Amy does prenatal yoga help with joint pain? My knees have been killing me, especially at night. The pain wakes me up from a dead sleep.


Amy - October 4

Maggie - I think yoga helps with a lot of things if you can find a good instructor. I have a really good instructor (more meditative cla__s than anything else) and she will have you tell her at the beginning of cla__s what specifically is bothering you so she can help you with that issue. If there are things that would hurt your knees she would modify the exercise for you. If you can't find a good instructor, I would definitely see a physical therapist if possiblel. Did you have joint pain prior to being pregnant? I will tell you that moving / streching (walking / yoga) really helps recovery after the baby and during delivery. I literally delivered my baby quickly -- in the hospital for an hour 1/2 and no epideral (which wasn't exactly my plan) and I was back to my regular self really quickly. I wish you the best of luck -- let me know if you try yoga. I had back issues with my last pregnancy and yoga seemed to help.


jb - October 4

I walk at a brisk pace 3-4 days a week for 30 minutes. Its not alot but at least its something.


Ashley - October 5

I'm walking about half an hour a day, 3-4 times a week. Often less. Isn't that sad? I feel so good on days that I walk, so I try to walk in the mornings, and that takes more motivation than I have now . . . but I went to the track Monday and I'm going back today! :) I'm 20 weeks and I know labor is tough and I'm worried about being in the worst shape of my life for it! :) So I hit the track every so often and breath a sigh of relief that I'm still fit enough not to pant around a few miles, although my belly is definately making it a slower trip around! ;)


moe - October 5

Hey ladies, I walk 5-6 times a week for two miles and it takes about 35 minutes. I have a walking budy and it's so much easier having someone to walk with, I am currently 25 weeks preg and I feel so much better exercising rather than just setting around, I have a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old and walking helps keep my energy up to keep up with them, I also push my 1yr old in a stroller when I walk and thats a workout it;s self.. The walking is help keeping the weight off, good-luck to you all and exercise dust.. heehee


Cathy - October 5

I really miss exercise. My doctor has adviced me not to however. Lately though since I have been in my 2nd trimester I have been taking my dog for a very short walk everynight not even a 1/4 mile but it sure makes a difference in how I feel. Maybe next week my doc with give me more leeway in my exercise.


ksl - October 5

i don't do anything but chase my two year old...i hate exercising!


Lisa - October 5

Besides chasing a almost 2 year old boy, I do 35 mins on the eliptical everyday since I was pregnant(15 weeks now) and I feel so much better afterwards.


Angela - October 5

I jogged until about week 18, now (23 weeks) I'm fast walking an hour and 15 minutes a day and doing prenatal yoga 4 times a week (i bought a yoga DVD that i really like)!


Emy - October 5

wow...you ladies are awesome! I need to start walking more...And to think I ran a 10k the week before conceiving! I need to get back out there!



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