Position In The Womb

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Allisonc79 - February 3

This may seem like a basic question but I have been feeling movement lately and have to know. I know that the fetus is in the fetal position, but midpregnancy where is the head, and feet placed, up or down, sideways? Or does it just face different directions throughout the day? I know it moves around alot, but does it usually stick to one position in the womb? I am finally getting my full scan ultrasound till March 2nd. It's still a little mystery in there!


mommybabyboy21 - February 3

lo moves around...I had to have two ultrasounds with in a week of eachother because my little guy wouldn't pose for the dr. He refused to show us his left leg and the dr didn't get to messure everthing on the baby's face before he moved. Anyway at the very begining of the ultrasound the baby's head was at my navel and his feet was facing my right arm. and he was facing us...by the end of the exam...2 hours later he turned himself around so that he was facing my back bone but his head was still at my navel and his feet at my right side. Then a week later at the ultrasound his head was more towards my right arm and his legs was pointing towards my navel. They say that the baby swims around until he can't because of lack of room. According to the book...they said you may start to feel like you have an octopus in your womb because he is moving around so much.


DDT - February 3

In my case my little boy has stayed in the same position from 27wks and on (I am 38wks now). He has been head-down with his body lying on my left side anterior. I guess he got comfortable or lazy lol! The horrible thing about it is that his b___t has been pushing into my ribs that entire time and he has caused some continual internal bruising...ouch!


DDT - February 3

Oh so basically what I think I'm trying to say is that baby can move around a whole lot more during the 2nd trimester than the 3rd trimester. They have a lot more room.


Allisonc79 - February 4

I guess they tend to move from head up to head down towards the third trimester, and the feet and legs reach however far they can I guess which helps them scoot themselves sideways. I know I feel little pops and flutters, and its usually in different spots each time.



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