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krissy79 - May 31

I kind of have a question that some of you may giggle at. I just want to thank you all one more time for all your responses in the past....truely appreciated!! I am now 21 1/2 weeks and am wandering what way the baby is usually laying/lying in your stomach right now? Reason I ask is because I had concernsw regarding movement before and I think I've felt movement but am unsure "where" I should be feeling it. Thanks again ladies!!


drea - May 31

i dont think there is any set position. I think they are floating all over so it changes all the time. Once they get bigger they stay in one spot for longer b/c they begin to run out of room. Hope this helps.


tryingx3 - May 31

I feel like mine is all over the place, at 23 weeks. Strong movement right around belly b___ton, sometimes to the right or left and lower, then if my bladder is fully, I'd swear she is kicking it! :-)


HannahBaby - May 31

They are floating. my baby was head down at the us but they said that will change many times before it settles in the head down position


Mingill - May 31

My little nugget is still enjoying the extra space and moves around alot. I feel movement on one side and a few minutes later, it'll move to above the belly b___ton or down low. Poor DH, I keep grabbing his hand and moving it to try and keep up with baby. Let me think, 21 weeks, I had movement mostly in the lower part of my abdomen and usually off to the side. During my 21 week U/S baby was lying across my tummy (head to the right). But they move around alot.


Lilu - May 31

Yeah right now, they can move anywhere. So you can feel little taps in the most unusual places!


kenodra - May 31

i was 18 weeks when i first felt my baby move, then i didnt feel her for about 4 weeks, and then after that i feel her liek 7 times an hour i swear. yeah its hard to determine where or how you baby if laying. an ultrasound is basiclly the only way and that doesn't mean she will be laying there in that same place in 10 minutes. its kinda a positioning thing. it sucks expecially when your waiting. my obgyn told me that since its my first time being pregnant it takes longer to feel becuase your linning is so thick because it hasn't streched before. its werid, anyways, thats really all i know. sorry kendra :)


AmyF - May 31

Hi! I'm 20 weeks and this little guy has found my bladder and uses it as a pillow. I have been feeling him really low. Some hard kicks. A few days ago I felt this large 'roll' and I swear it was his bum. DH was excited to hear him being so active. I agree- not in one spot. I mean, you have arms AND feet to contend with... I could feel him the most at first while laying on my side really still. Hope this helps :)



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