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Erin333 - March 28

Has anyone had a positive AFP test with a risk of 1:50 or greater and had it come back normal? I got my results last week and it came back 1:45 of having Trisomy 18, which is fatal. I had an amnio on Thursday and now I'm just waiting. Whats freaking me out is that my risk is so high. I have heard people who had results come back in the 1:100's and 1:200's normal, but not many lower then 1:50. Any responses would be greatly appreciated.


drea - March 28

Hello Erin, so sorry about your results, but on the positive side, there is a huge percentage of false positives with this test, so it may be ok. I dont have an answer for you, but I hope there is someone out there who does. I have my AFP test on the 1st and I've been totally freaked out about it. i hope everything turns out ok, best of luck to you!!


3babies - March 28

HI Erin I cant remember the exact figure but my sis-in-laws numbers were very similar for downs syndrome. She too had the same terrible wait after the amnio, but it all came back clear. She now has a healthy little two year old who is gorgeous. I hope it turns out the same way for you ... xx


SuzieQ - March 28

I just read an article in a parenting mag and one thing they said was to expect at least one test back that worries you! I hope everything turns out well :)


Erin333 - March 29

Thanks for responding ladies :) This has really been the worst seven days of my life. I'm regreting having taking the screeing at all. With my daughter I opted not to and she was as healthy as can be. This time around I just figured what the hey. I never actually thought in a million years it would come back positive, especially for something fatal. I actually read somewhere that only .2 % of screenings come back positive for Trisomy 18. Thats a 1 in 450 chance and I beat those incredible odds. For down syndrome its 5% or a 1 in 20 chance of having the screeing come back positive. Oh well, I will take whatever God has planned for me. I will update you all with my results, hopefully early next week. Thanks again.


Emily - March 29

hey praying for you and your little one. It must be agony. Hoping everything is okay.


Dee71 - March 31

Hi, I am 21 wks. and 35 yrs. I had a level II u/s a few days ago. I had an abnormal triple screen for DS. This is going to be my last baby and I thought I would enjoy this time . NOT even close. I have been so stressed out. Well anyway I was given odds of 1:201 for the abnormal triple screen , then we had the level ll u/s they said kidneys were a little larger than normal not by much(no numbers given) but it was still a soft marker for downs my odds are now 1:90.I declined the amino. So we have an another appt. in a month .DR. said everything else looks fine and this problem is kind of normal in pregnancies mostly male fetues,and most of the time it can go away by the third trimester.So now what are we supose to think???? I guess we have to just wait .I was also wonddering if any one else had anything like this happen to them? Thanks


Dee71 - March 31

Well after lots of sleepless nights I feel a little better.I had my third level II u/s. The problem they found before with the collection area of the kidneys( soft marker for DS) is now normal.I am still worried but what can I do.I've gotten some good news right! My DR. is great I always feel comfortable at visits but I noticed that whenever I mention DS or other possible problems he gets nervious.Well we can't know for sure and things like that.It's not what he says It's the way he says it.It seems like he's afraid to give an opinion.God knows I know nothing set in stone.I just feel like a lot of these DR.S are afraid to speak in fear of lawsuits. Has any one else ever got that vibe as well??Ladies take care and WELL BABIES FOR US ALL!!!


Erin333 - April 3

Just wanted to thank all of you who were praying for me and my baby. I got the results on Friday and they came back normal. I'm so glad I can finally go back to enjoying this pregnancy. Good luck to you all.


drea - April 3

Congrats Erin, thats great news. I had my blood test on Saturday, so hopefully I'll have a good result as well. best of luck to you!



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