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TamaraAngel - January 30

I went for the quad screen on Wednesday and my doctor called today to say the results came back positive for Down Syndrome. I was hesitant to go for this test in the first place b/c i know you can get a false positive result. Now i have to decide if i'm going to go for the amniocentesis. I feel like i got hit by a train. I can't stop crying and i'm scared to death. I was so hysterical before that i was throwing up. I just can't believe this is happening. This is my first baby and there is no family history of Down Syndrome on either side... and i'm only 27 years old! Does anyone know if the amnio gives a definite yes or no answer as to whether the baby has DS? Has anyone else gotten a positive test result and went on to have a healthy baby? I'm so worried! :o(


TCOBsGirl - January 30

DON"T believe this. Both of my cousin three pregnancies ALL showed downs and none of them were. I have seen/ heard about fake results a number of times. Do not DO NOT disregard this child due to some stupid test I've never seen work.


Stephie14 - January 30

Tamara, I would go for the amnio for peace of mind. I'm sorry about your result, but yes I've read that there is a high rate of false positives. Here is a study done about positive tests with negative amnio, etc ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?cmd=Retrieve&db=PubMed&list_uids=11493752&dopt=Abstract


TamaraAngel - January 30

This baby is my whole life. I've wanted to have a baby since i was 3 years old and got my first cabbage patch kid! I will love my baby no matter what. I'm just hoping and praying the baby is as healthy as possible.


Kelly11 - January 30

I don't see how they can call it positive for Down's because it's just a quant_tive test and NOT to be used for diagnostic purposes. It should give you a ratio not a positive or negative result. I would definitely be requesting to know the exact number ratio and if it is on the higher side then it is completely a personal choice as to whether you get an amnio done or not. Just make sure to do your research about both sides before you make a frantic decision. I am so sorry to hear you are going through this but like I said, I would be asking what that ratio is and making a choice on what to do from there (as far as the amnio goes). Good luck sweetie!


suze42 - January 30

Tamara, Kelly is right. The quad screen is just that, a screening...I am 42 yrs old (havent had my screen yet) but have read lots of posts about false "positives " on the "Over 35" board. Most of themoms go on to get an amnio and find out they are negative for DS. And yes amnio will give you a yes or no. Plz try to mimize your worry. It seems to me that at 27 you would be on the low risk side. Have you had your level 2 u/s to check for ds markers? Schedule this w/you doc asap.. then if need be, get the amnio. Dont be afraid to be very aggressive w/your OB, DONT LET THEM PUT YOU OFF. IF you need more info, then they need to give you more info! I have a gut feeling everything will be okay!


TamaraAngel - January 30

Thanks girls-- my mom only talked w the on-call doctor b/c by the time i got the message the office was closed. I have to call my reg doctor first thing in the morning. I asked my mom for the ratio but she said the doctor just said "The test is positive for Down Syndrome." I've been researching it online and i will go for the Level II ultrasound before deciding on amnio. Thanks again.


aliciavr6 - January 31

Definitely ask them the number, positive to them could be 1 in 500, which is so unlikely anyway. I'm sure everything is fine, let us know how the Level 2 goes! When is it?


Mommy1 - January 31

For piece of mind I would get the amniocentesis done that way you will know for sure. A friend of mind had the Nucal test done at her 1st ultrasound and it said her baby was in high risk for DS, so she then went for the blood test and her doctor said there was a 97% chance he had DS...she decided NOT to get the amnio done, but wishes now that she had. She said she didn't enjoy her pregnancy because she was constantly worried, confused and stressed out. After of of that her baby boy was born perfect...no DS, or any birth defects. To make yourself feel better I myself would get the amnio done so that this is not the only thing you think about for the rest of your pregnancy. Good Luck to you, and keep us posted.


krnj - January 31

I had a friend that had this happen to and her baby came out just fine! I would go for the amnio for peace of mind. Sorry you're going through this!


TamaraAngel - January 31

I'm going for a consultation with a specialist tomorrow and a Level II ultrasound where they'll check for markers such as the neck fold, nose bone, length of thigh bones, etc. My doctor told me today that my risk is 1:17 which in my opinion seems very high especially in my age bracket. Thanks for all the well wishes!


jendean00 - January 31

Tamara I too got called and told my quad screen came back positive for Downs mine is 1: 195. I have to go to a peranatoligist On Monday 2/5/07 they will do an ultrasound and call almost be sure of down symdrome with that. I WILL NOT consent to an amino, the chances of a miscarriage a__sociated with the amnio is 1 in 200. I will have my baby no matter the outcome so I am not going to risk a miscarriage for the amino. Are they sending you to a specialist or is your doctor going to handle yours? I would ask them if there is anything they can do to give you peace of mind other than the amino. You may choose to do it, just like comsenting to the quad screen having the amino is something you have to consent to. Good luck.


jendean00 - January 31

sorry Tamara read your last post after I posted, Let us know how it goes. I go on Monday because they would not see me until I was 20 weeks.


whynotme - January 31

I agree with the above poster. I would not have the amnio done and just have the level 2 u/s. I'm sure everything will work out fine. Your baby will be loved no matter what happens! Good luck!


suze42 - January 31

Tamara, I believe it i did the math right that 1:17 chance means percentage wise you have about a 97% chance of it NOT being DS. When you think of it that way your odds are great! I hope you get some answers w/the U/S..and of course the amnio is completely your choice. You will do whats right for you...no one can know until they are in your shoes whether or not they would do an amnio. I always say I wouldnt b/c they scare me...but if I was faced w/some factors, i could easily change my mind. Good luck and keep us posted. Remember 1:17 means the odds are way in your favor.


Diann - January 31

TaamaraAngel, I posted to you on the over 35 board. plz read


TamaraAngel - January 31

Suze, i like your way of thinking... i have to remind myself to stay positive...



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