Posting From 1st Trimester When Does Pooch Show

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Lisa - March 29

A bunch of us a t1st trimester wanted to know when the pooch is really a pregnancy pooch. I'm almost 11 weeks and am getting a pooch below my belly button.. It's my first so I have no idea where the pooch is supposed to start (or if it's a pooch).. can anyone share their earlier pregnancies? Hoping the 2nd trimester folks can answer!


rae - March 29

I'm just starting to show to the world now and i'm 14 weeks


tara - March 29

It really depends on your body type and shape, everyone shows differently. some as early as 11/12 and some can start to show as late as 16 weeks. Generally though it's around the 14th week that those close to you will be able to notice your growing belly. For me it was wierd because on Monday I wasn't really showing anything, but by Wed people I work close with started noticing. Then about 4 or 5 weeks after that I really start to show!


Lisa - March 29

Thanks! how about where the pooch starts (in relation to the belly b___ton)... ? no idea (lots of first time moms)


heather - March 29

i thought mine started around 14 weeks but i was wrong because i definitely have it now at just 17 weeks.


mandie - March 30

i thought mine was coming around 12. 13 weeks, but it was just bloat. iam starting to show now at 21 weeks, but it's still easilly hideable to the outside world, and this is my 4th baby, so. it may be bloat, though some women can show earlier. you'll get there. have fun!


Jenn - March 30

I am now 23 week and I would say that I really started to show at around 18 weeks. I did have the little pooch earlier on, like probably started around 10-12 weeks, but at about 18 weeks, was when you could really tell that I was pregnant, not just gaining weight.


Lisa - March 30

*where* does the pooch start when it's a pregnancy pooch ? (in relation to belly b___ton) I'm hoping it's the baby!! (11w today!) thanks, lisa


H - April 6

What if you are only 8 weeks and really have a big pooch already? It makes me nervous because most of you all say that you didn't start showing until 11 weeks or later.


Jenn - April 6

When mine started, it was very low, kinda between my hip bones, I guess.


Stephie - April 6

hi lisa, i am a small build, not overweight and always had a flat belly. i seemed to put down a small layer of fat around my belly and hips from 4 weeks (no gain on the scales but i could feel it trying to do up my pants :o). i am 14 weeks today and my bump is not very obvious. i am still not sure whether what i have is still just the layer of fat or the start of a belly. saw my ob yesterday and she had a med student with her. when she showed him how to palpate a pregnant belly she pointed out to him where the bump starts, which is about halfway between top of the pubic hair (or where it should be if you're a girl who likes her brazillions, hee hee) and the belly b___ton. hope this helps. good luck with your pregnancy :o)


Stephie - April 6

PS. just curious ladies... is "pooch" an american term? and is it pronounced exactly the way it looks? i am an aussie and have never heard the expression before (but i guess it means your belly, right?) are there any poms out there? is pooch a slang term for a little dog in england? lol. oh well, glad we're all on here from all over the world, sharing our stories. it's very rea__suring... best of luck to all.


LINDA - April 18

i am pregnant with my third child and have a pooch at 8 weeks. It gets bigger and earlier with each pregnancy.i am planning a 4th,i imagine i will look pregnant at 4 weeks. I am quite thin normally


Heather - April 18

it depends on alot of factors.. and even at 20 weeks i find somedays im bigger than others.. since somedays im more bloated than others.. for me the pooch was really noticable by 17 weeks.. meaning i had random people asking how far along i was.


Sarah Anne - April 18

My pooch started before I was 14 weeks.(I'm 14wks today). My belly started pooching under and around my belly b___ton. I have gained 7lbs already and I was under weight to start off with. I guess it depends on your weight and shape of body.


Jessica - April 18

I'm 12 weeks and I felt like I started showing a couple of weeks ago. Other people don't notice it, but I know that my stomach was flat before, and now it's not. I'm not sure if it is from being bloated or not though.


C - April 19

Well I am frustrated because I am 12 weeks on Wed and I feel bloated too...this is my 4th but I have belly fat that I did not lose from the 3rd...I keep wondering when I will look pregnant instead of just fatter than normal!! I feel like I have that "pooch" thing though!



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