Pounding Heartbeat

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jessica72 - January 22

Ok, I ruled out Brad Pitt being in the vicinity, so I'm chalking up my heart rate being super fast and louder in my ears to pregnancy. Do you ladies find your heartbeat feels loud in your ears and beating at a faster rate lately? Sometimes when I just turn over in bed, it takes about 5 minutes to calm down. Hope I'm not in that rough of shape. My BP has been normal at my visits.


JerseyGirl - January 22

Is it pounding (as in hard) or racing (as in fast)? I ask because my heart pounds a lot but has nothing to do with pregnancy - I've had slight Mitral Valve Prolapse for years now (harmless, really). It feels like my heart is working harder than it should be. Just a thought for you...


whynotme - January 22

Mine is like that if a lay around too long! It is very intense and then goes away after I get moving. I think it has something to do with the extra blood being produced for baby.


jessica72 - January 22

I'd describe it more as racing. I can look down at my belly and see it pulsing along with the heart rate. Sometimes I can hear it loudly, so at times it feels poundy, but mostly just racy. Thanks :)


Tracy88 - January 22

Your body is pumping twice as much blood as it used to, so your heart has to work harder. I had this a lot when I was in the first trimester. Now at 23 weeks I think my body had adjusted.


jessica1 - January 23

I get the same thing happening to me as well. My heart pounds and start racing as if I was running non stop and then stop and have my heart pounding like that. But I will be in my bed or sitting and it happens to me and you can hear it soooo loud....kind of scary at times along with the breathlessness....so I guess its all apart of pregnancy. This is my 4th preg. And I never had this before. I'm 28weeks.


jessica72 - January 23

Maybe it's a "Jessica" thing ;) j/k Jess. That describes mine exactly! Thanks Tracy for the reminder of the amount of blood. I do remember reading that somewhere too. It's just hard when you worked so hard before this to be in shape. I feel like a little ol' woman all of a sudden.



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