Pre Term Birth

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nacra - December 5

Hi, my sister is 32yrs old, she has been having a fertility problem and last year she tested positive for a pregnancy that only lasted about a month, luckily she conceived again this year and at 26weeks her water broke,she has been hospitalised since then and she is now 28wks but the doctors are saying there is nothing they can do to help the baby since its too small. is it possible for this baby to survive, since as it is she may never be able to conceive again, please advice


Faye84 - December 5

Anything is possible. Ive heard of babies surviving after 24 weeks.


kelley - December 5

nacra, your sisters situation is very similar to my cousin's. Her water broke at 27 weeks and the baby was born at 29 due to the fact that my cousin started to get a fever and had an infection. They took the baby right then by c-section. He is now a happy and healthy almost 2 year old. He was very small at birth and spent a lot of time in the NICU. Hope that this is helpful and I will say a prayer for the baby and your sister. Good luck!


ShoppingForTwo - December 5

Definetly possible. Rocky road, but possible. Really great chances actually.


jennifer_33106 - December 5

Have they gave her anything to mature the baby's lungs?


EricaG - December 5

At 28 weeks there is a chance of survival! She should not give up hope and if my doctor's were saying that then I would find new doctors ASAP!


Stephanie_31 - December 6

A baby is considered viable at 24 weeks, some have lived even eariler. I hope that the hospital is preparing her for the worse but if they are saying there is no chance than she might want to look some where else for help.


Stephanie_31 - December 6

I found a site that had the survival rates for preterm birth. Hopefully it will make you feel better. 24weeks-40%, 25weeks-70%, 26weeks-75%, 27weeks-80%, 28weeks-90%, 29weeks-92%, 30weeks-93%, 31weeks-94%, 32weeks-95%, 33weeks-96%, 34weeks-97%,


ash2 - December 6

My nephew was born at 24 weeks and survived.


ShoppingForTwo - December 6

My daughter was born at 24 weeks and died.


renaye - December 6

first of all IM SORRY ABOUT THE SITUATION< im not to sure about the chances but i hope all ends up well i just wanted to send my wishes


Babycrazy - December 6

My friend had her baby at 23 weeks and she is a healthy two year old right now! It was hard and her baby was in the hospital for two months, she had to have oxygen for six months. It is possible!


cayingo - December 7

We have some friends whose DD was born at 23 weeks, and she is now a regular 10 year old. She did spend a lot of time in the NICU, and has had some very mild learning delays, but all in all she's caught up with her peers in all development. Current technology is amazing. Do not give up hope, but I would consider finding different care givers.


4buzybeez - December 13

i have a friend who's baby was born at 24 weeks and it survived. the baby has grown up to be a very big healthy girl and you cant tell that she was premature cos they catch up after a few months.we have good tech these days. just make sure she is in a hospital that has a newborn care unit (intensive care for babies with health problems.) my son stayed there for a month after he was born and i got to see very very tiny babies that weighted 700gms! very premmie. all the best to your sister and baby!


cattac - December 13

I know someone said something about 23 weeks but generally speaking (according to my dr and L&D) babies have a better chance of survival after 24 weeks. Anything is possible but the lung tissue is not even there before 24ish weeks. Around 24 weeks I think doctors try to do everything they can. The longer your sister can go the better. I'm glad she's at 28 weeks- hopefully she can make it longer but if not anything is possible and there are plenty of babies that can survive- it will just have to stay in the NICU for awhile.


ma1008 - December 14

I think she has great chances, and if she's not getting the support from the hospital she's at, she might want to look into a different one. After 24 weeks they have more possibilities. Let her know not to give up hope, the baby will probably be in the hospital for a few months but i think she has pretty good chances especially with the technology these days.



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