Predictions What Do You Think You Re Having Boy Or Girl

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MM - May 12

I think I read somewhere that when the mother guesses the s_x of the baby, she is right 71% of the time. I thought it would be fun to test this theory! So tell us how far along you are/due date & what you think you're having! I'm almost at 14 weeks - due date is Nov. 12 & I'm predicting a girl.


jessicadru - May 12

Hi, I am 18 weeks along and my due date is Oct 14th. I feel now and have felt from very early on that i was having a boy. It has a lot to do with how i am feeling and what people have said. I guess we'll see.


emilymalm - May 12

I'm almost 18 weeks along and have my big ultrasound on Monday. I'm predicting boy, but don't know really. The chinese birth chart says boy, but old wives tales are leaning toward girl since the heart rate is 145.


HannahBaby - May 12

Im 18 weeks pregnant with a due date of October 13. The baby heart rate has been high 150s or low 160s. All gender predictors say girl, but i really feel that it is a boy. I am carrying different than i did with my first baby (my daughter hannah) and my face look noticably thinner. I also puked with this baby and didnt with my first. I know that every pregnancy is different and you never carry the same twice but i just have a feeling that it is a boy, even though im secretly hoping for a girl. I have my ultrasound on May 22, 10 days away....ill let you know how it turns out


preggosauce - May 12

Hey all! I'm almost 20 weeks I'm due Oct. 2nd. My ultrasound is scheduled for May 22nd. (same day as you Hannahbaby!) I also really want a girl but My feeling is that I'm having a boy. I know that of course I'll be totally thrilled with either!!


HannahBaby - May 12

Yay preggo sauce now we can wait anxiously together for the big day!! (well, the closest big day :o)


sa__sifras - May 13

I thought boy this whole time because of the difference with my daughter, but my u/s at 17 wks said much for maternal instinct


linzee - May 13

i want a boy but i have a feeling im having a girl. all the old wives tales say boy and i keep having dreams about a boy, but im just convinced its a


new mommy - May 15

I think it is going to be a boy. This is my first preg. and I haven't heard a heartbeat yet so I really can't know. But I just have felt that way all along.


scarlett - May 15

I'm more than 16wks and predicted a boy. Ultrasound scan a few days ago showed a boy.


Ddvinson3 - May 15

hi all I'm 21 weeks due date sep 22. I felt the whole time I was having a boy and my u/s last week showed a boy! So maybe you are able to predict? Who knows?


kmorris1 - May 15

I am 14½ weeks along - due date Nov 9th, and my gut feeling is that I'm having a girl. My dad and brother both think it is a boy, my mum thinks it is a girl. My M-I-L wants it to be a boy. DH is hoping for girl. My ultrasound where I can find out is on June 28th, so a bit of a wait yet. Kate


mandee25 - May 15

GIRL! ! !


elisabeth - May 15

i am 23 weeks today and i was sure i was having a boy but she's a girl. actually i wanted a boy but in the back of my mind i knew it was a girl. my dh always spits out girls...hehe


Erynn21 - May 15

I'm 24 wks. and my hubby and I predicted girl from day one. My MIL was so convinced boy as was my grandma, my intuition said girl. At my u/s @ 19 wks we got a clear view of our little girl!! Oh the other funny thing was my SIL said boy, but she said her predictions were always wrong so I guess her being wrong was w/ my being right. LOL...


amyn - May 15

I'm 18 weeks, due Oct 14th and have had 3 dreams the baby is a boy and my MIL just had a dream the baby is a boy, so I say boy. The chinese charts also say boy, I find out on the 25th (next week)!!!!


Betul - May 15

Hmmm...I thought I was having a girl because this pregnancy was so different from my previous 5 sons (all 5 pregnancies were identical in symtoms and experience) but I never voiced my prediction because after 5 boys I didn't know if maybe my intuition was more wishful thinking than anything Friday we had our 19 week u/s and it sure is a are all extremely happy. All my older boys(14-19yr) were shocked because they were convinced it was a boy but my four year old son had always called the baby in mommy's tummy a girl and when we told him he said, "I know mom"...go figure.



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