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Angiconda - May 12

Hey there I am wondering if anyone has had preeclampsia and if so were there any warning signs? I am having pain in my stomach and a had a few eye floaties. I went to the ER today becasue of the pain and they montiored me and gave me a perscription for a bladder infection and said my blood pressure was boarderline high but it could be from the stressful situation, there was also 1 other time I went in to the doctors office because i was having some bad cramps any my blood pressure was a littlle high then too, but other then those 2 times no one has ever said anything to me. Any advice is greatly appericated as I am stressing hard core Thanks


HannahBaby - May 13

i had preeclampsia when i was 37 weeks. I had high blood pressure (it was about 100/160 when i delivered) I had protein and my uric acid was elevated in my urine. I was swollen and had a severe headache that did not go away with meds. I was evaluated for 2 days before they had all their ducks i a row and decided to induce. Good luck.


ThePezChick - May 13

Can someone explain exactly what Preeclampsia is?


shortcake - May 13

Here's some info about pre-e: I had pre-e with my last pregnancy. I had no clue what it was until I was admitted to the hospital. That night that I went in to labor and delivery I was 33 weeks along. I had the worst headache ever! I was seeing spots in my vision, I had bad cramps on my right side, I was very swollen in my feet, almost to the point where when I walked it felt like it was on pins and needles, the night beforehand I was having tightness feelings in my chest! I was admitted and they said I was spilling protein in my urine and my blood pressure was 180/120! They put me on magnisium sulfate to help bring down my pressures but it was very scary since I didn't have a clue this could happen to me! I thought the feelings I was having was normal for a pregnancy. All I can say about warning signs is, if you have LOTS of swelling in your hands and feet combined with very bad headaches and spots in your vision or cramps I'd get to the nearest blood pressure cuff and check. My doctor told me this time if I'm over 150/100 she wanted me to go to the labor and delivery to be checked out. If you dont get help when your blood pressure gets too high you can have seizures or a stroke. I feel like an activist for this lol! I told someone else on this forum to watch her BP. The best thing you can do is get yourself one of those blood pressure cuffs for around 20 to 30 dollars at your drug store and monitor your pressures. It's really important towards week 28 onwards.


august baby #3 - May 16

i agree with the last person. i was 21 weeks when i realized that i wasn't feeling right. my ob kept saying i was fine but i didn't buy it. i bought my own bp machine and kept a chart . they just kept an eye out for it but without the chart, i don't think they would have bothered. i am now 26 weeks, i have the beginning of preeclampsia. my hands are sooo swollen that i cannot brush my hair or close my hand. my feet have gone up 3 shoe sizes and the swelling is already radiating up my thighs. also , the floaters just started. so, take this into your own hands. get a bp machine and keep track of it regularly and keep bugging your ob that something isn't right.


brandy0903 - May 18

I had it years ago with my son and scared to death that I will get it this time around (due in Sept) One of the things that I remember with my son was what I called the worst heartburn ever, that just doesn't go away but it is not heartburn it is from the toxins in your body. I did not say anything to th edoc because i thought that it was a normal preg symptom. I found out later that no matter how little of a complaint that you have you should tell your doc everything, EVERYTHING! jsut don't risk leaving out a detail. I did want to be a complainer and not complaining almost killed me. I was in a coma for about 36 hours and my doc had to save my life and this time around I complain and don't think twice about it!!



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