Preg Again

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janet - October 12

I am terrified that I am preg. again! I had a m/c last pregnancy. anyone of you had this problem with the first pregnancy? I would love to hear some good stories of those who made it to the second trimester after a miscarriage!!


kendall - October 12

I'm sorry for your loss, I had a m/c my last pregnancy also, at 10 1/2 weeks, now I'm almost 22 weeks with no compications. I was very worried at my appts to see that there may not be a heartbeat now I have pics of my little girl and I couldn't be more happy. My b/f is still worried that this baby won't make it but I feel her everyday all the time so I know she's there, he's so worried that he won't go to the doc appts with me.


Alli - October 12

Hi Janet, I completely understand ho you feel. I had two m/c last year. This pregnancy have been afraid too. I didn't want to get very excited the first trimester, but now I'm 14 weeks and have heard the heart beat and see my baby. I still pray to God to help me have a healthy baby. Good luck on your pregnancy.


Amy - October 12

Janet.. Sorry for your loss.. getting through the first trimester after a m/c is tough. My first pregnancy was worry free - I never even thought about m/c. My second I m/c at 12 weeks -- h/b stopped at 11 weeks 5 days and it was devestating. I am now pregnant again.. I had a scare at 6 1/2 weeks with bleeding but my doctor never found a cause. It was a long first trimester. However, I am now 21 weeks and feel the baby move every day! :) Good luck!!


Jaci - October 12

Hi Janet! I know how terrified you are. I m/c March 18th of this year and got pregnant the very next month. I'm now 30 weeks!!!! Up until I was about 16 - 20 weeks, all I did was worry....but from there on it's been smooth sailing. Just don't worry too much. You have to give yourself some time to enjoy this pregnancy. That's what I told myself. And put it all in God's hands. He's the only one that has control over this. I was so glad that I m/c so early (2 months). My mom is an RN and talked me thru it. She also had a m/c (15 years ago) but she was 8 1/2 months preg. She just explained that it's normal early in preg. and that usually there is something wrong with the egg why your body expelled it. Just make sure you have a good support system! Take care and you're in my prayers!



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