Pregnancy After M C Wanna Chat PART 2

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Neets - April 16

I'm so excited to be here now and to have made it over to the other side! I'm 13wk 1d today. I feel like I've shaken off those shackles and can now enjoy this pregnancy. I'm enjoying my new developing body shape and looking forward to what this trimester has in store. Come and find me............


SuzieQ - April 16

Hi Neets - I think I talked to you on the first trimester thread. I'm 16 weeks today! Yay!!!My next u/s is may 5 and I sometimes am excited and other times am terrified to get it! So far things are good. How is everyone else feeling ?


Hel - April 17

Hi girls I'm 12 weeks 2 days and every day I am less anxious! I don't have my first u/s until a week today so I won't relax until then!! B ut I can't believe I have made it this far. xx


Robyn - April 17

hello! I'm 12 wks today and so excited to have made it this far! Can I start to think that this may actually happen?! Hel, I also have an u/s in a week - so exciting! After that it may be a long while before I go back for another one, so I may rent a fetal doppler in the meantime - but i'm not sure if that will just make me more anxious! Have great day everyone!


Neets - April 18

Hoorah, we're all slowly moving across. I went shopping with dh for mat clothes at the weekend, which was great. Nothing too big as as I'll be big during the summer, I've gone for versatile things. Hi Suzie, 16wks, woah! You must be quite big now? Hel, I'm excited to have reached this far, but also scared of getting a little too carried away, but I told myself that once I reached the 2nd trim, I was going to embrace the pregnancy - so I am, and I'm not going to feel guilty as I've deliriously happy!!! It's agony waiting for u/s's and if this is your first, it'll have been an age. Many of us have already by this time had one or two already. How have you been feeling? Robyn, how exciting about another u/s. I really want another one, but my next will be at 23wks now. I guess my expanding girth is a sign that all's well. How cute about your nieces & nephews. Isn’t it get to have been able to share your news with everyone now.


Susan W - April 18

I'm 12w3d today; Hel and Robyn, you and I are right together. My midwife calculated my due date as October 27th. So far, so good. I have a big subchorionic hematoma laying right over my cervix, which is right under the placenta (central placenta previa currently), but I haven't had any bleeding since last Wednesday, so that's been good. I go to see the specialist on Monday, so in a week, for a recheck u/s on the hematoma and to see if the placenta has moved at all. So I'm not out of the woods yet, but I feel OK about this pregnancy, finally, now that I'm past where I lost the last one. I just can't worry about something I have no control over. I fortunately, still don't need mat clothes! But I usually don't show until like 5 months, which is pretty cool. Happy baby growing!!


sa__sifras - April 18

Hi girls, I guess I missed the first thread but I am almost 16 wks and I am starting to feel paranoid because i don't "feel pregnant" anymore and have not gained any weight. At 13 wks though we had a u/s and everything looked great. I had an m/c in October at 9wks, and have a 2 yr old so I guess its been a while since the second tri I forgot what it feels like. My next u/s is May 1st so we will see!Congrats to all of you!


SuzieQ - April 18

I bought a pair of mat pants at 12wks - not because I needed them but because I wanted to kinda celebrate being pregnant :) We still haven't bought anything for the baby, and probably won't until after my next u/s at 18 weeks. Sa__sifras, I know what you mean about not feeling pregnant. I'm 16w2d and feel pretty good! I rented a doppler and use it every few days just to check in, and it's made me feel much better.


tryingx3 - April 18

sa__sifras - understand your feelings...sometimes the better I feel the more I worry. Just had a doctor's visit and listened to heartbeat by doppler, 148 bpm. We had u/s last week at 16w 2d and everything looked good. I feel really good. I have felt flutters but haven't in a few days and was getting worried. Nurse pract_tioner told me not to worry that some are not feeling anything until 20 weeks. Anyone have experience with maternity belt? My placenta is low which may just be normal for me at this point, but she said sometimes a maternity belt might help "encourage" it to move up.


Neets - April 19

Sa__sifras, they say that the 2nd trim is when you feel at your best, so not feeling pregnant is nothing to worry about I believe. Robyn, I know what you mean about renting a doppler and feeling anxious. I've still to hear my baby's hbt with mine, but it's not uncommon not to hear at this stage, so I'm not worrying too much. I've decided to hang on to my doppler at least for another month to try and hear it. I'll try again this weekend, as I'll be 14 wks. Surely I'll be able to hear it then?? But how knows. Susan, glad you not going to let what’s out of your hands worry you too – I mean, the stress of the worry isn’t good for you…..what will be, will be. I’m going to look into getting a maternity belt. Good idea trying. My clothes fit me everywhere, except my belly. So it’ll be good to use with trousers & belts which are what I’m having trouble with at the moment, especially for work.


Susan W - April 19

TRYING, what kind of maternity belt? I bought a gizmo last time to support my tummy while I ran (no kidding, I showed Arabian halter horses until 6 months and then 3 weeks postpartum) and have it laying around. Is that what she means? I wonder how it's supposed to help the placenta move and if it really works. Right now, my placenta is as low as it can possibly be :( and if it doesn't move, I'll have to have a c-section, which is about the second worst possible thing in my mind (I HATE hospitals, needles, OBs and surgery, and I'm a doctor!!) So I'll give anything a whirl. . . . Morning ladies!!


Neets - April 19

You're a doctor - that made me laugh!! I think Trying's talking about a belt tie which you use to breach the gap between b___ton & hole of trousers....but I could be wrong. My friend had one which is the one I'm describing.


Susan W - April 19

Neets, I've seen one of the things you are describing and thought it would be very useful to have, but the thing I have -- pulled it out -- is described on the package as a "maternity belt." It's one strap that goes around your back and then has a separate strap that velcros under your tummy to support it, sort of like a low-slung belt. I recall it being very hot and itchy last time :( I got it because it was cheap, I was headed to a horse show the next day (!) and was what they had in the store, but I know there are some other versions available. Hopefully Trying has more info for us . . .Cracks my midwife up every time :) but it means I'm a horrible patient :) lol . .. But for something to help with your clothing, have you seen the BellaBand? It's really great. It's this tube top looking thing you put on over your unfastened pants/skirt and pull up to cover your belly. It holds up your pre-pregnancy clothing or makes mat clothing fit when it is still too big. They come in different colors, and they are great postpartum too when your clothes still don't fit and you don't want to show off your newly stretch-marked tummy while nursing. Don't I just sound like a commercial? But it's great. A definite buy. Google it, or check eBay.


tryingx3 - April 19

Regarding maternity belt...Nurse pract_tioner is the one who suggested it. It is the one like you would purchase from motherhood or jcpenney's that actually supports your lower belly. I don't know why it would work to help encourage placenta to move up, except that at my stage (16.5 weeks) it should be doing that anyway - as my uterus expands. For me it is worth a try. I bought one last night, didn't like it at first, but the support has actually been nice throughout the day. Today is the first day I had someone ask me if I am pregnant! :-) Said she didn't notice til she saw me sideways. Ha ha


Susan W - April 20

OK, so it must be the same thing I have because that's where I got it. It's worth a try for me too. If my placenta has attached where it is currently laying, I will have a diagnosis of central placenta previa, which will mean bedrest and a c-section :((( My placenta, right now, is located directly over my cervix, completely covering it. I have a lot of time for it to move though, so we can't make the diagnosis now. I don't have time for bed rest!! I have two other kids under the age of 2 to take care plus a part time job and a full time horse farm! So I wonder if it really works, as I didn't like wearing this thing last time. Hmm.. I have another u/s on Monday to recheck the placenta and the hematoma. . .. Happy baby growing :)


tryingx3 - April 20

Wow...Susan, you DON'T have time for bedrest! I work full-time, but FMLA would only allow me 12 weeks. I REALLY want that time WITH the baby HERE! Mine kind of looked like a horseshoe in the ultrasound, covering the cervix. Make sense? High risk OB acted like I should not worry yet, especially since I have not had any bleeding, my other is just being cautious...which I am all for! Best wishes to you! Do you know at what week they consider it defnitely placenta previa? Do they put on bedrest without bleeding?


Susan W - April 20

No, I really don't have time for bedrest. :) Besides, as a type A personality, I don't do well on bedrest. I spent a few weeks on bedrest with baby #1 and thought I was going to lose my mind. Yeah, if you can, take the FMLA time later. I had a lot of leave saved up (I was working FT at the time) and then with the FMLA, I had like 4 months of paid leave and then a couple months of unpaid before I had to decide if I was coming back or not. It's worth it to put off using that as long as possible. . . . If a low-lying placenta is discovered, it is monitored with another u/s around 28 weeks. If it's still low then, there might be some more u/s, but if it's still low around 30-35 weeks, there's a 75% chance of a c-section. That said, only 2% of previas found on u/s before 20 weeks are still present later. And you know even if it's just near the cervix it's not that bad, right? You can still have a v____al delivery. It's when it's touching the cervix or laying over it, that's usually when they don't let you even try. We have plenty of time for it to move, and neither my midwife or specialist was that concerned about the low placenta at this point. They said if it was attached somewhere on the wall, the growth of the uterus would pull it away. The part for me they were more worried about is the huge subchorionic hematoma laying under my placenta but over my cervix, which is the source of my bleeding. If the previa stays central, they frequently put you on bedrest, even without bleeding, but if it's partial or low-lying, it's a judgement call. Does that help?



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