Pregnancy And Boss

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Tania - April 14

Ever since I told my boss about being pregnant he has treated me with much less patience and is starting to get quite rude in speaking to me (with his tone and quickness to call off a duty cause I'm too slow which I'm not even). He has never treated me this way. What in the world could he be thinking? I know I should try to ignore it as I only have a couple months to go before mat. leave, but it does upset me because I've been working for him 6 years and do an excellent job. How do I cope for now?


heather - April 14

mine too! and the hara__sment from other co workers got too much so i told the boss and he just said "theyre joking" according to my lawyer the worst mistake an employer can make when confronted about hara__sment between employees is to say "theyre just joking" so my lawyer is contacting human rights and whatnot. my father thinks that my boss is trying to make my job impossible so i will quit and he will not have to pay maternity benefits


Tia - April 14

I am afraid to tell me boss--and she's a woman! I am not telling her until I absolutley have to!


Karen - April 14

I live in canada and the benefits are paid by the ministry of labour not the employer. Where is everyone else from and having the same problem. In Canada it just doesn't make sense for the boss to make my job impossible too but he does. Then again, could it have something to do with his inability to have kids? Possible, but I don't like to bring that up. I'm not looking for a reason I just wish after 5 years the boss would be more respectful...I guess it is too much to ask from people now a days...especially bad know when I leave what I'd love to say to him is.....tee hee


Debbie - April 14

I hate to hear the stories of what you ladies are going thru. My boss is a lady as well, Tia and she was very understanding even though I haven't been a permanent employee long enough for FMLA to cover me. She a__sured me that as long as I did my best to be here thru the pregnancy that my job is still secure after maternity leave. As for Tania, if you boss depends on you alot he is just probably freaking out about you being gone on maternity leave and not knowing what he will do while you are gone and he is a man after all. Just try and bear with him unless it gets to mad and then I would say that maybe you should speak with his supervisor about the issue. Good luck to all of you, I hope things get better.


krysta - April 14

I have been going through sort of the same thing. As soon as I told my boss, she told me that pregnancy is not a sickness and that she see's no reason why I shouldn't be here 40 hours a week. No prob. Then she told me that she hopes everything works out for me b/c her neighbor carried 2 babies to term and then lost them. Then she took me off the project I was hired to do, so now I read this forum all day long. Oh ya, and the day I told her (about 10 weeks) she told me she needed to know what my plans were... I hadn't even had a doctors appt. yet. But, my advice is not to get too stressed. Being pregnant certainly puts everything in perspective for me. I just go home and have some pretty outrageous stories.


M - April 14

When did you tell your boss? I've told a lot of people I work with but not my boss yet. I'm 16 weeks.


VN - April 15

My boss is a single 38 y.o male, never been married / had kids. Since I informed him of my pregnancy, he's become kinda cold somehow, and I can't expect any understanding from him. I tried to do my job just like before I was pregnant. I guess this is how it feels like to be pregnant and working :(


Caelin - April 15

It sounds like a lot of bosses are real jerks! IMy boss seriously overracted when I told him and now I dont work there. You should go to a lawyer just so you know what your rights are. We were able to settle on a cash amount without going to a lawyer, but it still really sucks that I had to go through all this and that I dont have a job to go back to. I know how you all must be feeling.


Jbear - April 19

The man I was working for during my first pregnancy was a real jerk. He made me get a note from my doctor every week saying I was still able to work, and then when I had to have an emergency c-section he called me in the hospital and fired me for not giving him any notice. The company I'm working for now is great, especially my manager. She's like a big mom bear watching out for me, and she wants to train me as a store manager after I come back from maternity leave. (I'm planning to stay home after the baby, but I haven't told her that.)


Audrea - April 19

Does your boss rely on you a lot? He may be feeling a little anxious about your soon-to-be arrival. Just as we do while pregnant, get moody and lash out sometimes without a cause-so it may seem to our spouse, your boss may be having feelings about you not being there soon. Many of us don't know that we are lashing out due to our own anxieties which we cannot control, yet do not realize we are doing that. It sounds like you need to have a little talk with your boss. If you can talk with your boss you two could talk about how you can improve or maybe what it is exactly that is making him more critical. Ask him to show you how your work is diffirent and if he can't then ask if he is able to handle you leaving for maternity to see if this is the cause. Let him know it will only be for a short while and things will eventually get back to normal. He could be afraid that he won't be able to depend on you as much with a baby. Discuss these things and just rea__sure him. Hope this helps, it did for me.



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